toy fair 2012

  • The BeAmazing Geyser Car

    Eyes On The BeAmazing! Geyser Car

    Have you ever wanted to shoot a stream of liquid powerful enough to propel a small car 35 miles an hour for a hundred feet? You know you have. This is the BeAmazing Geyser Car and we got an eyes-on at Toy Fair 2012 where this thing just about stole the show. Read More

  • Kikbo: A Hacky Sack With Feathers

    Kikbo: Like A Hacky Sack With Feathers

    It’s so rare that we get to share some of the most incredible inventions in the universe with you all, which is why I’m so excited about Kikbo, a small puck topped with feathers that lets you and your potentially stoned friends hacky sack the night away in style – with feathers! Read More

  • TC at Toy Fair 2012: Locomotion

    Toy Fair 2012: Locomotion

    Yesterday I went to the 2012 Toy Fair, and to be honest I was really disappointed. I’m 23 years old, and I’d estimate that 90 percent of what I saw yesterday was a variation of a toy I played with as a child. My 50-year old parents might even say the same thing. There were more stuffed animals than I care to remember, lots of toy guns and building blocks, and plenty of R/C cars and… Read More