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Oculus demos a VR selfie stick

Oculus wants to let you go anywhere in the world instantly, look like yourself, and even take a photo while you’re there, and today it demoed how at F8. Watch the demo of Facebook and Oculus&#82

Video gallery: Watch the Augmented Reality Tuttuki Bako Box in action

Two weeks ago, I blogged about Bandai Japan’s Tuttuki Bako augmented reality-ish toy box, which is due out in Nippon on November 15 (price: $30). Bandai has set up a dedicated web site for the p

Augmented Reality? The Tuttuki Bako box needs your finger to play with virtual characters

Who needs Augmented Reality Cybermaid Alice? Bandai Japan plans to release a palm-size cube in the middle of next month that lets you stick your finger into it to interact with the beings and things c