Got TouchWiz? Some Samsung Smartphones Can Be Totally Wiped By Clicking A Link

I've never been a huge fan of the TouchWiz UI Samsung throws onto most of its smartphones (for aesthetic reasons, mostly), but now it seems there's another reason to be wary of the custom Android inte

Samsung, Please Don’t Ruin Ice Cream Sandwich With TouchWiz

If you're anything like me and you've fallen in love with Ice Cream Sandwich's looks, then seeing what Samsung has done to it may be a bit of a heartbreaker. <a href="

Samsung makes the Wave with Bada official

<img src="" /> After being teased with a <a href="

Samsung to revamp TouchWiz for MWC09

With good ol Sammie Samsung’s pipes being all kinds of leaky this year, it’s not too surprising that Samsung is going ahead and announcing somethings right before Mobile World Congress. Mi

Samsung's amazing TouchWiz OS

Seriously. This is one OS — found on the F480 — I saw at MWC that could even be considered a competitor to the iPhone. Compared to this, the X1 looks like it was designed by a committee of