• HP Releases Another Pair Of Touchsmart All-In-Ones

    If, as Rita Mae Brown once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” and HP’s dedication to TouchSmart is KAAA-RAYYYY-ZEEE! Their two latest models, the 610 and the 9300, will cost about $1,000 (the 610 is $900) and feature large touchscreens that slide down to create a nearly flat surface. I, personally, have never seen… Read More

  • HP launches updated business, new consumer desktop systems

    HP announced their latest desktop systems today, including a new consumer level all-in-one system, and a new business desktop. They also released the latest specs on their TouchSmart line, which will now be available with the Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs. All of HP’s new systems are made without BFR/PVC products in the plastic, and the All-in-One is the first desktop to be made this way. Read More

  • Review: HP TouchSmart 600

    Short version: HP’s TouchSmart 600 isn’t the perfect solution for a touchscreen based home computer, but it comes pretty damn close. The TouchSmart system works well as an internet home appliance, but the thing that makes it special is also where it starts to show some problems. Read More

  • Why Desktop Touch Screens Don’t Really Work Well For Humans

    Hewlett Packard refreshed their TouchSmart line of computers today. If you’re not familiar with these, imagine an iMac all in one computer that has a touch screen, and you’re most of the way there. I really like the TouchSmart line, and use a second generation machine as my main Windows test computer. The touch interface is done via infrared, which is a very cost effective way… Read More

  • TouchSmart Web packs a touch interface PC into your printer

    Convergence. That’s the word that comes to mind when I watch the fancy demonstration of the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart web printer. We’ve all seen the all-in-one PC design, a la the iMac, but how often do we see a printer and a computer in one package? HP is bundling a teeny little touch-interface computer with their latest set of printers, allowing you to access stuff from… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurb HP TouchSmart for $849

    It’s hard to beat the sex appeal of HP’s TouchSmart PC. It has 4GB of Ram, a 500GB hard drive, 802.11 b/g/n, and of course that large 22-inch touchscreen with HP’s proprietary software suite. To bad Vista is at the core but you could always upgrade that to Win7 RC. Read More

  • HP opens TouchSmart PC to third-party development

    You know the HP TouchSmart? It’s a neat bit of work—that is, it has to potential to be. That potential is now one step closer to reality given that HP has just opened it up to third-party development. Would-be developers need to sashay over to the TouchSmart Community. There you’ll find the necessary software to develop your fancy application. I think it’s fairly… Read More

  • HP updates TouchSmart desktop PCs, IQ804 and IQ816

    Today, HP updated their popular TouchSmart PCs. Both the IQ804 and IQ816 feature a 25.5-inch HD 1920×1200 resolution display. The main difference between the two boils down to a DVD drive for the 804 and Blu-ray drive for the 816 along with a few other minor spec changes. The 804 comes with a 2.10GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5850 proc while the 816 has a 2.10GHz T8100 Intel proc. Both handle up… Read More

  • Review: HP TouchSmart PC

    When HP first introduced its TouchSmart PC line of desktop computers in 2007, it was a novel idea, but it also had enough flaws to keep many away from buying it. The TouchSmart was primarily meant for the kitchen, mainly because of the interactivity behind it, but also because it’s probably where the family interacts most in the home.
    This new iteration of HP’s TouchSmart series… Read More

  • HP TouchSmart iQ504 and iQ506 now available

    Announced last month at HP’s Connecting Your World conference in Berlin (Peter was there), the HP TouchSmart iQ504 and iQ506 PCs are now available for purchase. Suggested retail pricing is $1,299 for the iQ504 and $1,499 for the iQ506, but you can find them for about a hundred bucks less on and they’re also available at plenty of other retailers. Read More