• Pressly Goes DIY: Will Turn Tumblr, WordPress & Twitter Into Touch-Friendly Websites

    Pressly Goes DIY: Will Turn Tumblr, WordPress & Twitter Into Touch-Friendly Websites

    Following its November debut, HTML5 publishing platform (and TechCrunch Disrupt finalist) Pressly, is preparing to launch its self-serve platform for bloggers. Planned to go live this spring, the platform will allow publishers of any kind – big or small –  to transform their WordPress sites, Tumblr blogs, Twitter updates and other social feeds into tablet and touch-friendly… Read More

  • iPod Touch Has a Vibrating Motor For Facetime Calls

    This just in: the new iPod Touch with front-facing camera (aka the iPhone Lite) has a built-in vibrating motor for notifications, including silent call notifications. Why is this important? Well, presumably the iPod Touch is now a Facetime phone and definitely needs new ways to interact with the user. I’m personally very excited. Read More

  • Like a candle in the wind, iPod Touch with camera appears and disappears on eBay

    And you thought Giz was the only game in town when it came to Apple dev units. Some folks on eBay posted two development iPod Touches with cameras placed at the center of the rear panel and running some odd variant of OS X. It’s not huge news – we knew the Touch was getting a camera eventually – but if you had designs on these things, think again. eBay just pulled… Read More

  • MyFord Touch Driver Connect Technology

    Ford announced today their move to upgrade their SYNC in-car communications system into MyFord Touch. This all-encompassing system integrates not only your cell phone or portable media device, but now your GPS, air conditioning, audio library, and much more. Multiple touch screens will replace the traditional dashboard of your car, and remember that mobile Wi-Fi hotspot we were talking… Read More

  • The secrets of the Apple Store iPod Touch

    OMWOW! Pocket-Lint has some red hot pix of the iPod Touch used in Apple Stores to enable on-the-spot check out. It’s a standard Touch with a barcode scanner and credit card reader but it replaces the old EasyPay systems from Microsoft they were using until now. Read More

  • This year's laptop and PC lines are touch-gasmic… but why?

    You may have seen a young man named Michael Arrington bemoaning the current state of touch technology on these very pages. While I tend to agree on the aggregate, I saw HP’s new touch line last week and came away impressed, at least in the quality of the interface HP built around the TouchSmart 300 and 600, 20 and 23-inch all-in-ones with touchscreens. Sony also dumped out some… Read More

  • IntuiLab lets you blow things up with your hands.

    New games are always a cause for excitement. Ubisoft’s R.U.S.E. is a highly anticipated RTS set to release early 2010. But even cooler is the fact that you can play it on one of IntuiLab’s large multi-touch tables, and kill things just by touching them. Read More

  • T-Mobile dances in with the Tap phone

    T-Mobile just announced a new touchscreen phone today, the “Tap”. The new phone looks to be part of the new generation of feature phones, which I suspect we’re going to be seeing a lot more of in the next year or two. The Tap has a 2 megapixel camera with video capture, a GPS, built in music player, and uses T-Mo’s 3G network. The phone will be available in two… Read More

  • Whitoken, a beautiful iPod Touch theme

    Huh. This is actually an iPod Touch theme for jailbroken iPods and it’s just about the coolest one I’ve ever seen. It looks like a bear to implement, though, and the creator is posting it tomorrow as far as I can tell and it apparently works with WinterBoard, the theme system for jailbroken iPods. Read More

  • Crazy scratch UI to create cheap, unpowered touch surfaces

    The same guys who brought you the bubble input have created a crazy scratch UI that allows you to scratch and tap almost any surface. By sensing the sound and the finding the peaks and valleys in the waveform the system can tell if you’re scratching a shape or tapping on the surface. Read More

  • DIY: An iPod touch/iPhone microphone and headphone breakout cable

    If you have ever wanted to plug in a pro-quality microphone and headphone to an iPhone or iPod touch, pay attention and read on. Read More

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