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Microsoft RearType Research Project Has Its Rear In Gear

<img src="" />Some people complain about the direction of touch panels. Complaints about losing a physical keyboard are some of the big

Samsung looks to mass produce 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen displays

Standard, boring LED screens: your days are numbered! Samsung announced today that it will begin mass producing AMOLED displays with touch functions built right in. The displays will be 3.3″ WVG

If It Were Up To Me, The iPad Would Have A Touch Sensitive Case

<img src="" width="215" height="132" /> This isn't a rumor, it's just a wish. I'm hoping that the Apple Tablet that is announced

Get your hands on the wall now! …with this multi-touch projector

<img src="" />What if, instead of a touch screen, you could reach out and touch (and manipulate) an image on any surface? Seems like

Willcom unveils new designer smartphone

Tokyo-based telecommunications company Willcom presented its newest smartphone today. The WILLCOM 03, which seems to be an iPhone competitor in some ways, was developed by Sharp. It comes with a 3 inc

Runtriz: How the housewives of the uber rich stay organized and inebriated

My vast collection of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck and other fine wines is so disorganized that I don’t know what do do anymore nor do I know what the temperature is like or what my stocks

Next Windows version to have 'iPhone blowing away' touch features

Better than this? Ha! When was the last time you were “blown away” by anything Windows did? With the next version Windows (code-named “7,” aka the one after Vista), you may be

Nokia's 'near on perfect' haptic touchscreen technology

Haptic technology sounds simple enough — you press an area of a touchscreen and you feel a little buzz under your finger. That’s supposed to replicate the feeling of pressing a real-life k

iPhone Nano Supposedly Real, Only It Doesn't Have Touch Screen. Sure…

Apparently Bob Woodward now works as a gadget blogger. Unwired View insists that the iPhone nano is real. It also insists that the iPhone nano won’t—repeat, WON’T—have a touch

HTC Omni Definitely Not Omnipotent

The HTC Touch has been on the market for a couple months now, so it’s no surprise that details of the latest HTC device is circulating the Interwebs. The Omni’s form-factor is reminiscent of a Nin

Immersion Brings VibeTonz To Nokia Devices

Immersion has announced a long-term partnership with Finnish mobile phone giant, Nokia. We’ll soon see VibeTonz tactile feedback systems (sort of like force feedback) on future Nokia devices. As the

Patent Reveals Next-gen iPod and iPhone Nano

Now that the iPhone has almost arrived, Apple is starting work on a new version of the iPod and possibly the iPhone. A recent patent filing reveals a new full-screen iPod that uses touch controls loca

Nokia Makes Waiting At The Bus Stop Tolerable

Nokia has launched a new ad campaign for the N95 and if I lived in London I’d definitely be taking the bus. I loved playing Memory as a kid and I can see myself sitting at the bus stop playing this

Teclast Says Touch Me

Teclast has introduced a new touch-screen MP3 player that’s a smidge smaller than a credit card. Of course, we won’t be seeing one in the States, but hey at least we can dream and drool in