Touch dual

  • HTC Touch Dual up for pre-order on

    Speaking with HTC representatives at CTIA, I was told that the HTC Touch Dual would be available through Best Buy and that it would be unlocked. Well, it looks like it’s indeed up for pre-order through Best Buy and it’ll indeed be unlocked. The Touch Dual, as you’ll remember, is the successor to the HTC Touch. The Dual has a slide down keypad, making it much easier to enter… Read More

  • More info about the HTC Touch Dual

    [ Just got a look at the forthcoming HTC Touch Dual that Matt told us all about earlier today and I have some more information for you, plus a video. 1. It’ll be sold exclusively through Best Buy sometime this quarter. 2. It’ll be unlocked and will run on GSM networks and AT&T’s HSDPA protocol. 3. Price has not yet been set. An… Read More

  • HTC Touch Dual video walk through

    Doesn’t look any different than the Touch Vince had months ago minus the 20-key slide. [via Mobility Site] Read More