Totlol Delivers A Kid-Safe Alternative To YouTube On Web & Mobile

Back in 2008, a startup calledĀ TotlolĀ emerged, offering parents a kid-friendly collection of video clips pulled from the YouTube platform on a single destination site. But that company, a one-man sh

The Sad Tale Of Totlol And How YouTube's Changing TOS Made It Hard To Make A Buck

<img src="" width="215" height="77" />For developers, the Web is increasingly becoming a rich trove of data which can be plucked an

Totlol Developer Forced To Shut Down Video Service For Kids

<img src="" width="183" height="45" />Great idea, good execution, reasonable traction, no future. That's what it boils down to with the late

Totlol: The New Saturday Morning Cartoons

<img src="" width="169" height="199" /> If you have kids and Nickelodeon (or just doesn't cut it for you all