• Totlol Delivers A Kid-Safe Alternative To YouTube On Web & Mobile

    Totlol Delivers A Kid-Safe Alternative To YouTube On Web & Mobile

    Back in 2008, a startup called Totlol emerged, offering parents a kid-friendly collection of video clips pulled from the YouTube platform on a single destination site. But that company, a one-man show, eventually hit a dead-end and closed up shop. Today, it has returned with new founders who are reviving the brand as well as porting the experience to mobile. The idea itself is solid… Read More

  • The Sad Tale Of Totlol And How YouTube's Changing TOS Made It Hard To Make A Buck

    For developers, the Web is increasingly becoming a rich trove of data which can be plucked and used as the foundation to build new services and applications. The data on the Web is becoming increasingly accessible through application programming interfaces (APIs), and some of the richest APIs come from the biggest sites on the Web: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. But just as these APIs give life… Read More

  • Totlol Developer Forced To Shut Down Video Service For Kids

    Great idea, good execution, reasonable traction, no future. That’s what it boils down to with the latest entry to the deadpool: Totlol, a video destination site that aggregates the best videos suitable for kids from YouTube with the help of a community of parents and toddlers, is closing down. When Erick reviewed the service back in November 2008, he deemed the service an impressive… Read More

  • Totlol: The New Saturday Morning Cartoons

    If you have kids and Nickelodeon (or just doesn’t cut it for you all the time, tune into Totlol. It’s children’s Web video for the children of the YouTube generation. In fact, Totlol was built by one developer in Vancouver, B.C. (Ron Ilan, father of two) entirely on the YouTube platform. It is a collection of thousands of child-appropriate video clips… Read More