• FriendFeed Lives On (In Spirit): Tornado 2.0 Released

    When Facebook acquired FriendFeed in September 2009, my heart sank a bit. I was happy for those guys, but I knew FriendFeed would never be the same despite the talk of FriendFeed staying alive. Now, nearly two years later, it’s clear that my fears were not unfounded. But not all has been lost. A month after the deal, Facebook did something refreshing. They took much of the technology… Read More

  • Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed's Real-Time Tech

    When Facebook acquired FriendFeed last month, everyone knew it was getting some pretty impressive technology along with the obvious talent in the company. What people probably didn’t expect is that Facebook would open source a portion of it. But that’s what they’re doing today with the release of Tornado, a real-time web framework for Python, onto the web. Another new… Read More

  • The Tornado Moves Files So You Don't Have To

    . For the low low, one-time cost of $60, the Tornado lets you transfer files between Windows-based computers via a USB connection. One end goes in one system, the other in the other system and then you just drag and drop to your heart’s content between the two. There’s no software to install, either. Once you’re connected, you get a split-screen interface with views of… Read More