Walmart Labs Scoops Up Site-Speed Optimizer, Torbit, To Help It Keep Pace With Amazon

Josh Fraser and Jon Fox founded <a target="_blank" href="">Torbit</a> in 2010 after becoming fed up with the amount of time they'd spent at past startups managing website performance

With Growth Surging, Torbit Moves Towards Free To Help Web Businesses Turn Speed Into Revenue

In today's digital world, website performance and speedy load times are critical. This is now common knowledge. However, until recently, it's been tough to quantify the extent to which speed and perfo

Torbit’s Insight Measures The Effect Of Site Speed On Your Bounce, Conversion & Revenue

Anyone who runs a website, especially those who those who do the majority of their business through a web portal, know how important speedy load times are to keeping their customers engaged, on site,

How Fast Is Your Site? Measure It With Google's Page Speed Online

<img src=""> Yesterday Google announced <a href="">Page Speed Online</a>, which provides a quic