• FriendFeed One-Ups Twitter Again With Its Subscription Emails

    A few months ago, Twitter significantly updated its new follower email alerts to show you information such as how many followers that person has, how many tweets they’ve sent, and how many users they were following. It’s a decent indication of if the person is someone you actually would want to follow back, rather than making you click through to the site to get that information. Read More

  • Blown Cover: A Couple Ways To Stop Those Spymaster Invite DMs

    As we’ve relentlessly documented, the Twitter-based game Spymaster went from a private alpha, to insanely popular, to feeling a full rush of backlash in about 3 days. While a lot of users were upset with Spymaster tweets from their friends filling up their streams, even more annoying to some was the constant direct messages (DMs) from friends to join the service. Now there’s a… Read More

  • Topify Lets You Manage Your Twitter Followers Via Email (200 Invites)

    If you are not a Twitter power user, you can ignore this post. But if you find yourself increasingly relying on Twitter and spending way too much time managing your followers, trying to figure out who they are, or responding to their private direct messages, you’ll want to try out Topify Created by former TechCrunch France editor Ouriel Ohayon and Arik Fraimovich as a tool they needed… Read More