Top Hat Monocle

Top Hat Monocle Launches Freemium Accounts For Classes With Fewer Than 30 Students, Changes Name To ‘Top Hat’

Top Hat Monocle, the Toronto-based provider of mobile-based classroom response systems, has decided to get Lasik and has dropped the ‘monocle’ from its name and logo. Top Hat, as the company will

Top Hat Monocle Takes Its Classroom Response System International, Signs Up 25K Students In Asia-Pacific Region

Top Hat Monocle, the Toronto, Canada-based service that provides a web-based clicker and online homework tool that aims to make large lecture-based classes more engaging, just announced that it is exp

Top Hat Monocle Adds $1.1M Follow-On From Felicis To Reimagine The Lecture Hall Experience In Higher Ed

If you attended a university, you likely took at least one class where you sat in a lecture hall with at least fifty other bedraggled, hungover students. In that case, you may be familiar with those h

Top Hat Lands $8M For A Learning Platform That Will Make Teachers Want Phones In Class

Cell phones, tablets and laptops have become pervasive among student populations and, while they bring plenty of potential for distraction, one startup sees an opportunity to use these new tools of st

Interactive Learning Startup Top Hat Monocle Wants To Turn Your Homework Into A Tournament

Over the last few years, we've seen technology start to play an increasingly disruptive role in both primary and secondary education. As more and more startups jump into the game, we've seen a rise in