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  • uBeam’s Ultrasound Wireless Charging Is Real, And About To Be Really Funded

    uBeam’s Ultrasound Wireless Charging Is Real, And About To Be Really Funded

    What if wireless power at a distance actually worked? It does. uBeam invented a way to wirelessly send energy up to 15 feet away with ultrasound. What if you could slap a wireless charging case on your phone and charge it while you move around or use it? uBeam invented that too. While early uBeam prototype were massive, non-portable boxes that merely shot power around, it now has a working… Read More

  • Vegas Tech Fund

    Vegas Is In Search Of A Tech City, Not Just A Quick Jackpot

    Last week, tens of thousands of people came to Las Vegas for CES, where they spent their time milling around the Convention Center and comparing selfie sticks, fancy TVs and robots, trudging to the dozen or so other distantly-placed hotels where related events took place, and apparently drinking a lot. We went off the beaten track to take a gander at another aspect of tech life in… Read More

  • The Future Of Work: Amazon vs. Zappos Crunch Network

    The Future Of Work: Amazon vs. Zappos

    Twenty years ago Tony Hsieh was part of the three-man Harvard team that won the hyper-prestigious ACM Programmming Contest. Five years later he sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for more than $250 million. Then he sold Zappos to Amazon for $1.2 billion, while retaining operational independence. Now he’s trying to make the desert bloom. And if he fails, we’re probably all in big trouble. Read More

  • Zappos Founder Tony Hsieh| Foundation

    Foundation: Tony Hsieh On Building A Great Company Culture

    In this new episode of my Foundation video series, I talk with Zappos founder Tony Hsieh about entrepreneurship, fostering corporate culture, and his latest project to fuel a thriving tech community in Las Vegas. Read More

  • The Key To Happiness Is Being Yourself (TCTV)

    We finagled our way on board the Zappos “Happiness Bus” at Web 2.0 Summit and spoke with CEO Tony Hsieh about why Zappos is such happy place to work, why the company is hiring another 2000 people in 2011, and how it’s positioned itself brand-wise to give Virgin a run for its money. Read More

  • Delivering Happiness: The Rap Video

    Just when the tech community wet its rap pallette with MC Hammer (backed by the notorious dance moves of TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld), Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh follows up with a ditty of his own (featuring the talents of Laura Lombardi). Hsieh has been on a nation-wide bus tour promoting new book, ‘Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose,’ with a team of… Read More

  • Tony Hsieh Explains Why He Sold Zappos To Amazon Under Pressure From Sequoia

    There’s an interesting article up on that reveals interesting tidbits about the backstory to the 2009 acquisition of online shoes and clothing retailer Zappos by Amazon for roughly $1.2 billion in stock. The article is actually adapted from Zappos co-founder and CEO Tony Hsieh‘s new book, Delivering Happiness, while Purpose. Inc. senior writer Max Chafkin contributed… Read More

  • Memo to Start-ups: You’re Supposed to Be Changing the World, Remember?

    I did interviews with most of the TechCrunch50 experts backstage and there was a common gripe about the companies launching there: Not enough passion, not enough swinging for the fences, not enough trying to change the world. There were too many people building safe businesses, too many companies just trying to make existing things slightly better, and too many people wanting to be the… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Tony Hsieh on Why You Should Be Changing the World

    Soft-spoken Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh had some surprisingly harsh criticism for the TC50 companies he saw today: Why aren’t you trying to change the world? I asked him more about that in our backstage sidestage interview during the TC50 cocktail party. “To be fair, is selling shoes changing the world?” I asked. Watch the clip after the jump to hear his answer. I pressed Hsieh… Read More