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  • Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek tell us why skateboarders make good startup investors

    Skateboarders make great startup investors, according to Rob Dyrdek and Tony Hawk. The legendary skaters spoke to us about a mindset that helps them be on the lookout for the next big thing. “The skater mentality is you’re always looking at what’s next,” said Dyrdek. He also spoke of the “NBD” or “never been done” philosophy when it comes to… Read More

  • Tony Hawk Was Live On YouTube, And Less Than 500 People Were Watching

    YouTube is testing out live video streaming with a few video partners today such as RocketBoom, Howcast, and Young Hollywood. Gathering a live audience on the Web to watch video is hard because there are no schedules and people are used to clicking on videos on their own schedule. But if anyone can make live video a mass market experience, it should be YouTube, right? Throw in a celebrity… Read More

  • Tony Hawk: Ride coming to North America on November 17

    After it was semi-leaked last week that Tony Hawk’s Ride would reach British shores on November 20, Activision has confirmed that date and the NA launch date of November 17. No word on price, though. via Kotaku Read More

  • Tony Hawk: Ride dated, priced in the UK

    We found out earlier today that Activision’s Tony Hawk: Ride title would only be coming to the US, UK and Germany this year, but pricing was still a bit hazy. But MCV is reporting and UK retailer Game is confirming that the latest Tony Hawk game will be £99.99 when it comes out on November 20. Those Brits are also getting a limited edition deck designed by the Birdman himself. Game via… Read More

  • Tony Hawk: Ride to launch in three territories this year, everyone else will have to wait

    Waiting for Activision to drop launch details on Tony Hawk: Ride? I hope you live in the US, UK or Germany because if you don’t then you’re going to have to wait until 2010 to get your feet-on this game. Sucks to be outside those three countries if you’re waiting on Ride. Still no word on a firm launch date. via Kotaku Read More

  • Tony Hawk: RIDE priced and dated

    Gamestop just announced that Tony Hawk: RIDE is set to drop on October 13, 2009 for $119. Why so much you ask? Only because it comes with a plastic skateboard game controller. Hopefully the aftermarket industry will upgrade this controller like they did with plastic guitars and release a realistic wooden board for us to do faux grinds and ollies on. Read More

  • Next Tony Hawk game to feature skateboard controller

    Oh goodie, another video game peripheral. This time it’s an oversized balance board for Tony Hawk: Ride. This one will apparently be available on all three major consoles, though. Read More

  • Live: Unboxing the Tony Hawk Edition T-Mobile Sidekick LX Read More

  • Guilded Age: Next Tony Hawk to use motion-sensing skateboard controller?

    Flickr’d Could the next Tony Hawk game (they still make those?) use a new controller? Like, maybe! Apparently Activision is toying with the idea of using a motion skateboard-like motion-sensitive controller for the next 360/PS3/PC game, which could be titled Amplitude, Adrenaline or Huck Jam. Yuck Jam is more like it, right?! I guess now that Wii Fit has single-handidly solved… Read More

  • Sidekick LX OTA rolling out June 25

    I’ve been a fan of the Sidekick for years now and, like everyone else, I was disappointed when the latest devices (LX and Slide) from T-Mobile were sans video recording capability. It was basically a slap in the face if you ask me. Who releases four new devices in the span of a year without video recording on any of them? Hello! It’s 2008 not 1998. In any case, Sidekick LX owners… Read More

  • T-Mobile officially announces Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition

    It’s official. The Birdman has landed his own Sidekick. I wants it. Gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Rumor: Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick LX being announced tomorrow? [Update]

    It is according to the BGR, but it won’t be available until mid-July. The Birdman’s limited edition Sidekick will supposedly have a “skateboard look and feel with a grip-tape-texture and his well known hawk graphic.” Stoked for the signature Hawk graphic since it’s something I mentioned that I’d like to see on this limited edition SK from T-Mobile. More… Read More

  • Rumor: Tony Hawk Limited Edition Sidekick LX coming mid-July

    Today is chock full of Sidekick rumors and this one seems a bit more plausible than the prior one. Hiptop3 is claiming that the Birdman is getting his own Limited Edition LX on July 16th, which is two days before the start of Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huckjam presented by T-Mobile Sidekick. There are no other details at the moment so we’ll take this with a grain of salt as well… Read More