• Tomy exits North American toy market (almost)

    Today is a sad day for gadget lovers. Japanese toy maker Tomy is pulling the plug on the North American market. The company behind the i-Sobot, the Dustbot, the digi cam with built-in printer and the AeroSpider said Tuesday it will focus on Europe instead. Read More

  • Tomy Dustbot: The original floor cleaning robot

    Aren’t you a little tired of seeing nothing but Roombas for sale at Sure, the little robots do a great job cleaning up after us filthy humans, but come on! Robots need faces! Why is it that in 2009 our robots have no faces, when twenty years ago you could get a floor-cleaning robot with a face? Read More

  • Transformers: Robots in Your Shoes

    Our friend Convoy here — the shoe, not the the girl — is the latest partnership between Nike and the Transformers. Convoy is basically a shoe that transforms into a robot, which is pretty damn dopey by anyone’s standards. Clearly, someone out there will want a shoe transformer, but I’m not sure it’s me.
    How much for this piece of Transformericana? $22 on… Read More