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  • TomTom’s iOS Navigation App Gets iPad-Friendly Makeover

    TomTom’s iOS Navigation App Gets iPad-Friendly Makeover

    The weekend is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than going for a long meandering drive into the middle of nowhere. Roadtrippers may want to take their iPads along for the ride too, as TomTom has just announced an update to their U.S. iOS app that optimizes it for use on Apple’s tablet. Read More

  • TomTom and Radio Shack launch GO 630 GPS unit

    Radio Shack is gaining yet another¬†exclusive¬†GPS model after the Motorola and NAVIGON units. The TomTom Go 630 seems similar in specs to the GO 720 with even the same $399 price. IQ Routes Technology Advance Lane Guidance Access to TomTom MapShare Text-to-Soeech 4.3-inch widescreen Bluetooth handsfree call Side note about why Radio Shack is selling “exclusive” models after… Read More

  • Tom Tom is not making software for iPhone; Tom Tom is making software for iPhone

    So a few days ago a Tom Tom spokesman let his mouth get away from him saying that Tom Tom has a navigation system that runs on the new 3G iPhone already. This set up a series of ripples in the GPS fanboy community (yes, there is one). Tom Tom’s GPS software is very popular and the idea of having it in their pockets makes them go a little crazy. But then rumors started going around that… Read More

  • Tom Tom Entering The Cellphone Market?

    Companies like Nokia and Samsung better watch out. A new cellphone manufacturer is riding into town…sort of. Tom Tom will be announcing its new Tom Tom 715 SatNav system, which will feature a SIM card slot for making and receiving phone calls while in a vehicle. Cars equipped with Bluetooth will be able to take advantage of hands-free calling and not having to pick anything up while driving. Read More

  • Tom Tom Rider, Because Big Bad Bikers Need GPS, Bluetooth

    Hey, tough guy. You think you’re so badass with your Harley, your black leather jacket, and that tribal tattoo, but do you even know where you are? This isn’t Altimont, pal, you’re at a weekend shopping trip with your wife and daughter, just like most of today’s Harley-Davidson riders. Look, you’re at a Starbuck’s. If you had the new Tom Tom Rider… Read More