• The Kisai Satellite: More Crazy Tokyoflash Watches

    Another day, another crazy Tokyoflash watch. This model, called the Satellite, comes in black and white and separates the hours, minutes, and seconds into zones. It costs $94 and comes with a fancy rubber band. It recharges via USB. The lights spin every 15 minutes and are activated by a button on the side. The LEDs come in Blue or Green. Read More

  • Black Friday Week: TokyoFlash Deals

    TokyoFlash is offering 50% off selected items and is also offering a 15% discount on all watches with the coupon code “BLACK” from on Nov 25-27. What can you get? Only some of the wildest watches on the planet earth, my friends. That’s all. Product Page Read More

  • The Kisai Round-Trip Watch: USB-Powered Crazy Watch

    TokyoFlash has just released the Kisai Round-Trip, a colorful watch with a few tricks up its sleeve. The the $170 watch is USB-powered and you tell the time by reading the inside ring for hours, outer ring for three minute intervals, and two pips for individual minutes. It’s pretty rough to read. Read More

  • Kisai Round Trip watch: All that's missing is the fob and aluminum top hat

    There’s an old O. Henry story, The Gift of the Kisai that recounts a tale of a young man who sells his Kisai Round Trip LED pocketwatch to buy his wife a hairbrush and his wife cuts and sells her hair to buy her husband a pocketwatch chain. The story, a classic in the oeuvre of “how-the-other-half-lives” fiction, is heartbreaking in itself, but fear not: you’ll never… Read More

  • TokyoFlash Escape C: Make Kisai Kisai with me!

    Yo, what’s up. You need to do your Skyping and your phoning and your music? Yeah? I got something for you. Come over here. Look at this. This is the TokyoFlash Escape C Kisai, a little Bluetooth thinger that connects to almost any device and routes audio and controls wirelessly. Read More

  • Tokyoflash shows off concept devices from the far future

    Our buds at Tokyoflash are running a concept contest and asking designers to send in their best renders. To date they’ve had some pretty interesting ideas like this odd-world one called the Time to Streamline: Read More

  • Congratulations to the winner of the Tokyoflash watch

    Just a wanted to post a quick note here, congrats to @DStoneburner, the winner of the Tokyoflash wristwatch contest. So good for you, @DStoneburner. Don’t say we never gave you anything. Read More

  • TokyoFlash is giving away watches

    TokyoFlash is giving away a watch to three winners of their TokyoFlash landmark contest. The rules are pretty simple: simply create an image of a famous horological landmarks redesigned with TokyoFlash faces i.e. Big Ben with the Rogue face built-in. More info after the jump. Read More

  • A plea from the future: Tokyoflash needs your help

    Tokyoflash, everyone’s favorite denizens of future town, need your help to pick their latest designs. They have about 12 crazy things and all of them are supposed to be some sort of Bluetooth solution that connects to a phone for hands-free listening. They want you to look at all these goodies and pick some favorites. Read More

  • Tokyoflash Hanko reminds Emperor he is mortal, confuses us

    So this watch is supposed to look like a Japanese signature seal and lights up in odd configurations, shown here, to show you the time. It’s made of brushed metal. It’s as unreadable as any other Tokyoflash watch, so unless you really like this you’d probably be better off getting a tattoo of a watch on your wrist – at least it will be accurate and readable twice a day. Read More

  • Kisai Sensai watch: Don't expect to be able to read it.

    Tokyoflash strikes again, with yet another insane watch that’s almost impossible to read. The latest addition to their line, the “Kisai Sensai” is pretty much incomprehensible. Read More