Tokyoflash has created a radar watch that scans the skies (or your wrist)

Tokyoflash is one of my favorite watchmakers. Unabashedly analog, the watches pay homage to giant robots and old tech, looking like a cross between something that you could find in the hatch in Lost

The Kisai Link Is A Bluetooth Wearable That Hides The Geekiness

As a slave to fashion, I have to look great all the time. But how can I do that when I have to wear so many amazing wearables? You can’t have fashion and electronics. Luckily, Tokyoflash has jus

A $100 Watch Can Tell If You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

The Japanese watch company Tokyoflash has long turned heads with their odd (if unreadable) designs but in a first they've added a <a target="_blank" href="

Free Stuff Friday: Win A Kisai Uzumaki Tokyoflash Watch

You know you want this thing: it's a crazy watch from <a href="">Tokyoflash</a> called the Kisai Uzumaki and it's designed to look like some sort of organic sea an

Tokyoflash Releases The (Readable) Kisai Stencil Watch

Thank heavens: finally a <a HREF="">Tokyoflash</a> that you can read immediately without depending on a manual or detailed instructions. The Stencil is a fan desig

TokyoFlash On Air Touchscreen Watch: For The Space Robot In Your Life

Another day, another Tokyoflash watch. This one, the On Air, has an LCD screen with backlight and you tell time by reading the numerical minutes read-out as it rotates around in place of the hour hand

A New Tokyoflash Pocket Watch For The Tubercular Steampunk Dandy In Your Life

Planning a trip around the world in 80 days? Spending some time with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? You're going to need this $149 Tokyoflash, touchscreen pocket watch that, is as far as I can

Right Angle LCD Watch Tells The Time But Tells It Slant

This TokyoFlash concept watch looks like it might be great for motorcyclists and other folks who have their wrists at eye-level most of the day. The watch has a digital display that is almost unreadab

Tokyoflash Goes Rogue With The Kisai SR2

Traditionally, Tokyoflash has offered watches without LCD screens. Focusing instead on LEDs, their watches usually lit up and glowed rather than maintained a standard time registration familiar with f

The Kisai RPM Tokyoflash Watch: Surprisingly Handsome, Made Of Acetate

<img src="">Acetate is the high-gloss material used to make glasses and other wearables. Tokyoflash has taken the material

The Kisai Satellite: More Crazy Tokyoflash Watches

Another day, another crazy Tokyoflash watch. This model, called the Satellite, comes in black and white and separates the hours, minutes, and seconds into zones. It costs $94 and comes with a fancy ru

Black Friday Week: TokyoFlash Deals

TokyoFlash is offering 50% off selected items and is also offering a 15% discount on all watches with the coupon code “BLACK” from on Nov 25-27. What can you get? Only some of the wildest

The Kisai Round-Trip Watch: USB-Powered Crazy Watch

<img src=""><a HREF="">TokyoFlash</a> has just releas

Kisai Round Trip watch: All that's missing is the fob and aluminum top hat

<img src="">There's an old O. Henry story, <i>The Gift of the Kisai</i> that recounts a tale of a young man who sells his <a HREF="http://w

TokyoFlash Escape C: Make Kisai Kisai with me!

<img src="">Yo, what's up. You need to do your Skyping and your phoning and your music? Yeah? I got something for you. Come over he

Tokyoflash shows off concept devices from the far future

<img src="">Our buds at <a HREF="">Tokyoflash</a> are running a concept contest and a

Congratulations to the winner of the Tokyoflash watch

Just a wanted to post a quick note here, congrats to @DStoneburner, the winner of the Tokyoflash wristwatch contest. So good for you, @DStoneburner. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

TokyoFlash is giving away watches

<img src="">TokyoFlash is giving away a watch to three winners of their TokyoFlash landmark contest. The rules are pretty simple: simply

A plea from the future: Tokyoflash needs your help

Tokyoflash, everyone’s favorite denizens of future town, need your help to pick their latest designs. They have about 12 crazy things and all of them are supposed to be some sort of Bluetooth so

Tokyoflash Hanko reminds Emperor he is mortal, confuses us

So this watch is supposed to look like a Japanese signature seal and lights up in odd configurations, shown here, to show you the time. It’s made of brushed metal. It’s as unreadable as an
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