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Tokyo Institute of Technology taps Nvidia for Japan’s fastest AI supercomputer

Nvidia’s business is increasingly the business of artificial intelligence, and its latest partnership fits with that new role. The graphics processing maker is supplying the Tokyo Institute of T

Video: Simple Personal Assistant Robot Follows You, Carries Stuff For You

We covered quite a few <a href="">personal</a> <a href="

Video: Japanese University Uses Fish Scales To Develop Stronger Artificial Bones

Ceramics, metallic alloys, bone powder, wood or stem cells are just some of the substances doctors have used to replace or heal <a href="">broken bones</a>

Robot HIRO Learns, Adapts To New Situations Autonomously (Video)

Robots that have the ability to "learn" to do specific tasks <a href="">are</a>

Video: Tricycle Robot Tri-Star IV Overcomes Sand And Rubble, Could Be Used In Fukushima

<img src="" /> I am not seeing exactly how this robot can be used to explore the damaged nuclear plants in Fukushima (I und

The Air Hopper Is A Grasshopper Robot

<img src="" /> We showed you <a href="../2010/03/16/video-mini-fuel-cell-powering-a-robot-fish/">robotic fish</a>, <a href="../2010/

Video: Virtual Reality hair cut simulator "Air-Hair"

<img src="" /> I've seen many things in the tech and gadget world, but this one's a first. A robot research team at <a href="h

Hitachi Maxell develops magnetic tape cartridge with 50TB capacity

<img src="" /> Just in January this year, we reported about <a href="

Bari Bari: New exploration and rescue robot (video)

<img src="" /> Japan is prone to large-scale earthquakes, so the fact that researchers in this country are const

New method enhances efficiency in ethanol production

Professor Michikazu Hara, a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, has created an inexpensive substance, which can boost the efficiency of ethanol production. Reportedly, the costs of produci