• TokBox Shutters Consumer-Facing Live Video Chat Platform To Focus On Building Out API

    Video chat startup TokBox is announcing a significant transition in its business today. The company is announcing that it will be shuttering its consumer-facing web-based video chat application, and focusing on building out its recently launched API has a business. TokBox’s multi-user video chat from the browser has close to 2 million registered users. However, TokBox has been on a bit of… Read More

  • TokBox Rolls Out Paid Features

    TokBox, the web-based video chat application, appears to be testing new paid features on its platform. Although the startup creates a great product that allows for multi-user video chat from the browser, TokBox faced hardships last year and was forced to fire 30% of the company’s total staff and shuffled the executive lineup. TokBox is obviously looking to create a revenue stream with… Read More

  • Tinychat Gets A New Look, Adds Facebook Connect, Sees Early Traction

    Tinychat, which started out as a simple IRC-style chatroom app to complement the quick-and-dirty conversations on platforms like Twitter, has been steadily building a solid browser-based communication platform that rivals some of the tools built by large corporations or venture-backed startups out there. After adding essential features like video chat and screensharing options to the… Read More

  • Skype Sniffing Around Web Chat Startups

    Skype has been in the news a lot lately. Over the past six months, rumors swirled that the peer-to-peer telephony service provider was going to be bought back from eBay by its original founders, to be spun off as a separate company and then IPO, and ultimately to be sold to an investor group (which was confirmed at the beginning of this month). Now Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus… Read More

  • TokBox Fires 50% Of Engineering Team, All Founders Gone

    It was only seven months ago that video chat startup TokBox sent a taco truck to meet newly laid-off Yahoo employees in an effort to cheer up and recruit a few of them (the startup was kind enough to send the truck over to our office afterwards to let us in on the action). Now, it sounds like someone should be sending the taco truck in TokBox’s direction. We’ve gotten word that… Read More

  • Just Got Fired From Yahoo? Have A Taco.

    Today, 1,500 people at Yahoo are losing their jobs, as layoffs across the tech landscape approaches 100,000. But for startups lucky enough to have cash to hire, 1,500 soon-to-be-unemployed Yahoos is a recruiting opportunity. Video chat startup TokBox (which raised $10 million in August) will be parking a taco truck outside of Yahoo headquarters today, handing out free tacos and job applications. Read More

  • TokBox Brings Easy Video Chat To All Platforms With AIR

    TokBox, the impressive video chat startup that doesn’t require any kind of extra software, has launched a new AIR app that will bring the web service’s easy setup to the desktop. Thanks to Adobe’s AIR platform, the software will be cross-compatible and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The client offers a very simple interface that should be familiar to anyone who… Read More

  • Orgoo Throws Hat into Video Chat Ring

    Orgoo, the long-anticipated, all-in-one, browser-based communications suite that presented at TechCrunch40 last fall, is releasing a new video chat service to the public today. This comes ahead of a general release of its email, IM, and SMS tools, which remain in private beta. Over the last seven months, Orgoo has been working on building a replacement to the Userplane video chat it has relied on. Read More

  • Now Up To Six Simultaneous Users On TokBox Video Chat

    Sequoia backed Tokbox (they are actually working from Sequoia’s offices, just a couple of doors down from where YouTube was incubated), a video chat service that does not require any software downloads, is now allowing up to six simultaneous participants. Skype video, by contrast, only allows two participants, and it requires that all users be using the Skype software. For now TokBox is… Read More

  • Meebo Platform Launches With Big San Francisco Party

    After speculation from last week, Sequoia backed Meebo launches Meebo Platform this evening, allowing third party developers to create applications for the Meebo web chat service. They’re celebrating the launch with a big party in San Francisco with hundreds of the company’s closest friends. Like Facebook Platform and the recently announced MySpace Platform it consists of a set of… Read More

  • Tokbox live video Web chat is the latest 'next YouTube'

    Everyone wants to be “the next YouTube,” to take a simple concept—there, watching videos online—and bring it to the everyday Internet user, cashing out for $46 zillion. TokBox, whose name I still can’t figure out how to pronounce, is one of those companies, its focus being live Web chat. Think of how many times you’ve been on AIM or MSN and thought to… Read More