A call to arms: Reboot the public bathroom

<img src="" />Ladies and gentlemen, I am not a loquacious orator. I've never written an impassioned speech. I'm just a part-t

Japanese toilet analyzes stool, beams results to cell phones via personalized URLs

<img src="" /> As just about any other gaijin living in Japan, I came to love <a href="

"Green" super-toilet reduces usage of water, improves odor in rest rooms

No country can rival Japan when it comes to toilets. The local market (worth several billion US dollars) is controlled by two companies, Toto and Inax, both of which are also active in the USA. Especi

NASA building new toilet, asks workers to ‘evacuate’

Here’s a tidbit of information for your next dinner party. Apparently, you can’t make fake urine. Can’t be done! In light of this fact, NASA is asking its employees in Houston’s Johnson Space

The Air Poo: greatest invention of all time

When John Biggs sees this his head is going to explode. It beats the crap out of that toilet seat he reviewed a few months back. A docking station for your MBA and iPod with a seated heat, multi-touch

Spaloo installation video: The good, the bad, and me on the toilet

Note: the failure of this install was not Spaloo’s fault — our contractor messed up installing the toilet itself along with the electricity and his failures did not allow me to wash my bum

Talking Urinal Cake Tells You To Lay Off The Hard Stuff

Urinal cake technology has been pretty stagnant in recent years. However, apparently New Mexico has been pretty pissed (get it?) about how many of its citizens are drinking and driving, That’s w