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  • That Horrible Moment When You’re Stuck On The Bowl Without Toilet Paper

    That Horrible Moment When You’re Stuck On The Bowl Without Toilet Paper

    You’ve been there. At a friendly gathering, slowing removing yourself to take care of personal business in the restroom. Your mind wanders as you relieve yourself, only to notice but a shred of soft Charmin left on a cardboard roll. A hasty, anxious look in the cabinets and under the sink yields nothing, and creative problem solving takes over. Time is ticking. A knock at the door… Read More

  • “Toilettenpapier Drucker” Is What You Think It Is

    “Toilettenpapier Drucker” Is What You Think It Is

    If you told me two-and-a-half decades ago that this tow-headed youngster from Columbus, Ohio who spent his evenings looking up at the stars, engrossed in endless wonder at the boundless horizon of the invisible universe, would one day be able to print on toilet paper in his lifetime, he would have spit at you and then kicked your dog. He was a pretty crappy kid. But it has happened: we can now… Read More

  • To Infinity And Beyond With Scott Tubeless Toilet Paper

    Sure we still have wars and cancer and cold sores. Sure we can’t solve the crisis in the Mid-East and many Americans live achingly close to the poverty line. Sure we can’t blot out racism, homophobia, and irrational traditions. But we can make tubeless toilet paper and dammit, it’s a start. Read More

  • Videos: Machine turns office paper into toilet paper

    What we have here is a machine that automatically turns office paper into toilet paper. It’s called White Goat (seriously) and is made by a Japanese company called Oriental [JP]. The way it works is simple: You just feed the machine with about 40 sheets of office (or whatever) paper, wait for 30 minutes and take out a perfectly made toilet paper roll. The machine shreds the paper, which… Read More

  • New machine turns office waste into toilet paper – right in the office

    Tokyo-based Nakabayashi offers everything from bookbinding services, child car seats and office products. But the newest (and certainly coolest) product of the 2,000-man company is an in-office machine , which turns used copier paper into toilet rolls, right there in the office. Brillant. Read More

  • Japanese toilet paper "Drop" is the scariest toilet paper you've ever seen

    In case you have seen the Japanese horror movie “The Ring” or its acceptable American remake, you already have a taste of what kind of person Koji Suzuki is. The guy didn’t have to do anything with the movies but authored the book of the same name. Now, Suzuki is about to release a new horror story. The name: Drop. Nature of binding: None. It’s released as a toilet… Read More

  • Mac SE becomes toilet paper roll holder

    [photopress:dispenser_6.jpg,full,center] Usually a computer case mod takes the case of a functioning computer and makes it more interesting. This is the opposite, taking the case of a surplus computer and making it into something else entirely. In this case, it’s a toilet paper dispenser. People: find hobbies. Take up needlecraft. PICTURES: Modder Transforms Mac SE Into Toilet Paper… Read More

  • A Glorious Toilet Paper Cutter

    I’m coming to understand the majesty of Intelligent Design. The thesis, obviously, is that many natural things are too complex to be created be the vagaries of evolution, which forces us to believe in a prime mover or creator. Here is another example of intelligent design, for verily how could a stoned college kid from UC-Berkeley create such a masterful system for rolling, cutting… Read More

  • Sudoko Toilet Paper: You Know You're Thinking About It

    Sudoku toilet paper is exactly what it sounds like: toilet paper with that insanely popular sudoku game on it. So, instead of reading Maxim as you do your ungodly business, you can do math puzzles, provided you keep a pen on the back of your toilet. And if you do indeed keep a pen there, we’d like to know why, seeing as how you’d never heard of this product before today. Is it to… Read More