RightEye’s portable eye-tracking test catches concussions and reading problems in five minutes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but physiologically speaking, they're windows to the brain. RightEye is a startup that looks through that window to detect common but often subtle vision

Inspired by a hackathon project, Native eye-tracking support comes to Windows 10

The traditional keyboard and mouse (or trackpad) interface for desktop and laptop computers works for most people, but for a whole contingent of people with limited mobility or other conditions, it ju

If only Huawei’s handsome, high-tech Honor Magic phone was coming to the US

Lucky China, always getting the good stuff. First pandas, and now the Huawei Honor Magic. This curvy beauty is packed with interesting tech, from a dual-camera system on the back to an eye-tracking se

SteelSeries Teams With Tobii To Track Your Eyes And Make You A Better Gamer

It's not too often we see a truly novel gaming accessory; generally speaking companies are happy to slap a few stickers or a new coat of paint on existing controllers and headsets and call it a day. S

New Glasses From Tobii Aim To Make Eye Tracking Research More Flexible

The eye tracking experts at <a target="_blank" href="">Tobii</a> announced the Tobii Glasses 2, their latest combined glasses and software system built for advanced eye tracking an

Tobii And Synaptics Partner On Ultrabook Prototype With Eye Tracking Tech

You will gaze at your computer, and your computer will gaze back. That's the inevitable path of progress in interface design, as evidenced by ongoing projects from companies like Leap Motion, Umoove,

Intel Capital Invests $21 Million In Swedish Eye-Tracking Tech Company Tobii

Intel is betting big on the future of human interfaces with a $21 million (143 million kronor) investment in Tobii, a Swedish company that has been working for years on eye-tracking laptops and other

Tobii Technology Unveils Eye Tracking Laptop, A World First

<img src="" />A new technology that we've been hearing about for a few year finally is getting unveiled today a

Tobii: Eye tracking system knows just how pervy John Biggs really is