• Hanako 2: Japan's Best Dental Patient Robot Gets An Update (Video)

    Robot Hanako, the Japanese dental patient simulator we have shown you last year, just got an upgrade: Hanako 2 still behaves, in many ways, like a human patient, and she still lets dentists practice “real-life” procedures on her before they do the same on human patients. But the new version has been improved. Read More

  • Videos: Mobile robot RODEM

    There’s certainly no shortage of so-called mobility robots, but major Japanese robot maker tmsuk‘s offering seems to be quite cool. In fact, the RODEM (short for “Robot De Enjoy Mobility”) is being pitched as a mix between robot, wheelchair and ultra-small vehicle (or “Universal Vehicle” [JP, PDF], in tmsuk’s marketing language). Read More

  • KOBIAN proves that robots can now even get emotional (video)

    Humanoid robots are being developed all over the world (but especially in Japan) with many purposes in mind, with assistance to the sick and elderly as two of the most important areas. The problem is that sick and elderly people are usually confronted with robots having a cold, emotionless aura. And this is where a new robot called KOBIAN comes in. Read More

  • Meet the Tmsuk T-34, a mini robocop on four wheels

    Tokyo-based robot maker Tmsuk and security firm Alacom [JP] jointly developed the “T-34,” a compact patrol and security robot that can launch a net to catch intruders. As this is a Japanese robot, it goes without saying it’s controllable via cell phones. Read More

  • Robot servant looks friendly… so far

    While we are awaiting the eventual robot takeover of the human species, our generation will at least will get a little down time. Further generations will not be so lucky; they will be slaves to our robot masters. But, for those lucky enough to be alive in this golden era we give you the Japanese cell-phone-controlled robot servant. Designed by Fukuoka-based robot-making company, TMSUK… Read More