YouTube and Google Play agree to join T-Mobile’s Binge On Program, following criticism of video throttling

YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV will now participate in T-Mobile’s “Binge On” program, which offers cellular subscribers the ability to watch a variety of services without th

T-Mobile Says Binge On Customers Are Streaming Twice As Much Video, Adds Amazon Video Support

John Legere may have drawn the ire of the EFF and others for his network’s controversial Binge On data categorizing feature, but the evidence so far has shown that customers really are big fans

New Android App Smozzy Lets You Surf The Web Without A Data Plan

<a href="">Smozzy</a> is a new Android application that lets you search the Web on your mobile phone without a data plan. The app works only in the U.S., only on T-Mobile phones and

T-Mobile, Sprint Waive Japan Calling And Texting Fees

<img src="" class="shot2">As we <a href="">repor

T-Mobile Posts G-Slate's Promo Page, Wants Your Email Addy

<img src="">The LG G-Slate was one of the many tablets outed at CES 2011 that caused many to simply say, "eh." Just another tablet, righ

Who Needs iTunes? doubleTwist Partners With T-Mobile, Now Bundled On Some Android Phones

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="141" /></a>Big news for <a href="

Which cell phone provider has the best customer service? You might be surprised

<img src="" />Given how much people depend on their mobile phones these days, it's pretty much catastrophic when they stop working. M

The T-Mobile G1 gets unboxed

The first Android-powered handset’s launch is coming soon, but some lucky folks already have their dirty mitts on the complete package. The picture set doesn’t reveal anything spectacular

Developers, nerds, and geeks – the Android SDK 1.0 has been released

The first Android phone launches on October 22, and while the Android SDK has been out for a while now, Google just released version 1.0. The latest version allegedly fixes numerous bugs and adds a

T-Mobile G1 roundup

We understand that your emotions were flying high yesterday with the G1 launch. So many questions that you had to have answered ’bout Google’s first foray into the mobile world and just

T-Mobile G1 gets priced & dated

You can finally get your grubby mitts on your very own T-Mobile G1 Android phone for $179 with a two-year contract with data on October 22 here in the US. Existing T-Mobile customers can pre-order

Peek hits the online marketplace shelves

The simple Peek email-only handheld just went on sale for $99.99. The device isn’t for everyone, but if you need an extra item to carry in your pocket that does just email, this boy is for you.

Sidekick Slide back in the saddle again at T-mo's site

After some initial — ahem — setbacks, the Sidekick Slide is back up on T-Mobile’s web site for $199 after rebates and discounts. The major problem was caused by poor battery contacts

Slide problems real says T-mo

So the Sidekick Slide problem – shutting off for no reason – is real and it’s fabulous. T-mobile has suspended sales until further notice. Moto is working to fix the problem but Slid