• The TiVo Premiere For iPad App Is Just What It Sounds Like

    You have to give it to TiVo and its just-released iPad app. They might not be the fastest responding company on the block. But they know how to get things done. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: TiVo Premiere DVR For $60

    TiVo‘s are great and without doubt the best DVR on the planet. How’s it better than your standard Comcast box? It’s like the difference between LEGO and off-brand interlocking blocks. They do the same thing, but one is just so much more developed — and generally priced higher, too. However, Woot has your back and is hawking a TiVo Premiere unit over on sellout.woot.com… Read More

  • TiVo Releases New App

    TiVo has just announced a new iPad app that adds gesture control as well as live TV watching and scheduling. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to talk to your friends about the shows you watch. Gesture based control – Take complete control of all recordings, even dragging forward and back through a show with a simple tap or swipe
    • Start watching what you want – Launch… Read More

  • Companies, If Your CSRs Aren't Empowered, You're Doing It Wrong

    So you call a company with a problem, right? After navigating a series of voice prompts, you eventually get to a live person. You think, alright, great someone can help me. Well, not really because this person often cannot do anything but take your contact information and run through a series of basic troubleshooting steps that generally starts with power cycling. Everything else needs to… Read More

  • Is 3D Support Coming To TiVo? What Does That Even Mean?

    Maybe something got lost in translation here, but the British English on this Virgin Media product page for the upcoming TiVo seems to state that their box will be 3D ready. Well, my mid-Michigan English reads that as if TiVo is getting something new. Sigh. Now I’m confused. Read More

  • Pandora Hitting TiVo Series 3 And HD Boxes Right Now

    Remember how Pandora graced TiVo Premiere units just a few short weeks ago? Well, the company didn’t forget about about Series 3 and and HD users. Oh no, if you happen to check the Music, Photos, & Showcases section you’ll Pandora is now an available option. How nice. Read More

  • Tivo Adds Online Season Pass Management To Its Web Site

    Tivo users are now (well, later today) able to manage their season pass subscriptions from their Web browser. I’ve been led to believe that this has been a heavily requested feature for some time now, so good to see Tivo acquiesce Read More

  • Pandora Launches On The TiVo Premiere DVR

    TiVo already has an impressive lineup of internet apps on their DVRs but the offering just got a little more musical thanks to Pandora. Nearly all of Pandora’s trademark features including access to the Music Genome Project is available in the app. Users can thumb up or down artists and create personalized radio stations on the fly. Existing Pandora users can sign into their accounts or… Read More

  • The Full-On Assault On Cable Is Underway

    The Full-On Assault On Cable Is Underway

    Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon — when you hear these names, you usually think about how these tech giants all compete with one another. But what if they all teamed up for one cause? They’d be unstoppable, right? We’re about to find out. All of these companies are currently sitting in the same boat about to storm the beaches. Which beaches? Those belonging to the… Read More

  • Tivo Wants To Expand Internationally (Perhaps To Help Make Up For Recent Losses)

    Europeans, take note: Tivo could soon be coming to your neighborhood in a big, big way. The company’s president and CEO, Tom Rogers, said that it’s looking to gain more of a foothold in the larger European markets, including the UK and Spain, in order to broaden its horizons a little bit. Dulling some of the pain from that recent $15.3m loss wouldn’t hurt, either. Read More

  • Review: The TiVo Slide QWERTY Remote

    The TiVo Slide isn’t a secret and on the surface, it’s really not all that innovative. It’s just the classic TiVo peanut remote shrunk down a bit with a sliding QWERTY keyboard added. But how is it in practice? Pretty much the best thing on Earth. Read More

  • TiVo Premiere To Feature Cox's "Vast" VOD Library

    Good news for those of you in Cox-served areas of the country: TiVo is working with Cox to provide Cox’s VOD service via your TiVo Premiere box. This will be the first cable VOD available on a retail DVR, so feel privileged! It’ll be available “early next year,” and (presumably starting then) Cox will be promoting TiVo Premiere boxes and providing free installation. Read More

  • DISH Network Ends Half-Cooked DTVPal DVR

    If you’ve never heard of the DTVPal DVR – or DTVPal tuner, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The DTVPal DVR was an interesting device that was a cross between a VCR and a DVR. VCR because it could record shows based on time – unlike the better TiVo model, where it records by show – and DVR because it was, well, digital. Read More

  • TiVo Responds To Court's Decision To Revisit Patent Case As Stock Plummets

    TiVo is having a very rough morning. A federal appeals court stated today that it will revisit a digital-video recorder patent dispute between TiVo and both Dish Network and EchoStar. TiVo has sued the companies back in 2004 over its patented DVR technology back when the two were still a single company. They won the suit, but the court has now decided to reconsider its verdict, which is a bit of… Read More

  • Study: TiVo, other DVRs don't negatively affect TV advertising

    Reasonably interesting study coming out of Duke University that says that digital video recorders (TiVo and the like) do not negatively affect television advertising at all. That flies in the face of conventional wisdom, wisdom that says TiVo and its ilk have destroyed the TV business forever. Well, that’s just not the case. Read More

  • WeaKnees now selling a 2TB and 4TB TiVo Premiere

    Just in case the 1TB drive in the TiVo Premiere isn’t big enough for you, WeaKnees is now selling two upgraded models with a bit more storage capacity. The TiVo authorized reseller has a 2TB and 4TB Premiere available for $849 and $149, respectively. That’s a lot of recording storage, boys and girls, and currently the only way to get a larger drive in the Premiere. Read More

  • TiVo will be offered by Virgin Media in UK later this year

    One of the three points I laid out as TiVo’s keys to survival was to partner with more content providers. And just like that, Virigin Media announced it will be offering TiVo set-top boxes to its 3.8 million subscribers sometime this year. This move, along with the Conax partnership, makes TiVo a major player in the European DVR market. See, I told you the company didn’t deserve… Read More

  • That TiVo Series 3 on Woot isn't a bad deal

    The TiVo Premiere will be here real soon so it isn’t much of a surprise to see a Series 3 on Woot. You might want to consider it, too. The Series 3 might be old, but it’s still a great DVR. It even has a few advantages over the TiVoHD line and upcoming Series4. Read More

  • HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers gets a TiVo companion app

    HP keeps the fun rolling with its MediaSmart Windows Home Servers. It’s called the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo, but don’t let the name fool you, it doesn’t directly increase your TiVo’s storage. The app, however, still has some nice features and might be a worthy replacement for the TiVo Desktop program. Read More

  • What TiVo needs to do to make the Wall Street boys happy (and survive)

    TiVo can’t catch a break. The company just rolled out its next-gen platform and then finally ended a long court battle with Dish Network, causing its stock to surge to new heights. This all happened within the last two weeks. But then last night the company announced its sad Q4 2009 financials. You already know the problem. TiVo is having a real tough time signing up new customers… Read More

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