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  • Hulu Plus Is Now Streaming On TiVo Premiere

    It’s about damn time. TiVo Premiere already has an impressive list of proper streaming apps: Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon and several other smaller services. Now Hulu Plus is on the list, which will serve up all the 16 and Pregnant you can stand for $7.99 a month after TiVo’s 6-month complementary trial ends. Read More

  • Pandora Launches On The TiVo Premiere DVR

    TiVo already has an impressive lineup of internet apps on their DVRs but the offering just got a little more musical thanks to Pandora. Nearly all of Pandora’s trademark features including access to the Music Genome Project is available in the app. Users can thumb up or down artists and create personalized radio stations on the fly. Existing Pandora users can sign into their accounts or… Read More

  • TiVo Premiere To Feature Cox's "Vast" VOD Library

    Good news for those of you in Cox-served areas of the country: TiVo is working with Cox to provide Cox’s VOD service via your TiVo Premiere box. This will be the first cable VOD available on a retail DVR, so feel privileged! It’ll be available “early next year,” and (presumably starting then) Cox will be promoting TiVo Premiere boxes and providing free installation. Read More

  • WeaKnees now selling a 2TB and 4TB TiVo Premiere

    Just in case the 1TB drive in the TiVo Premiere isn’t big enough for you, WeaKnees is now selling two upgraded models with a bit more storage capacity. The TiVo authorized reseller has a 2TB and 4TB Premiere available for $849 and $149, respectively. That’s a lot of recording storage, boys and girls, and currently the only way to get a larger drive in the Premiere. Read More

  • That TiVo Series 3 on Woot isn't a bad deal

    The TiVo Premiere will be here real soon so it isn’t much of a surprise to see a Series 3 on Woot. You might want to consider it, too. The Series 3 might be old, but it’s still a great DVR. It even has a few advantages over the TiVoHD line and upcoming Series4. Read More

  • TiVo's CEO goes on Fox Business to talk about the new Premiere

    Watch the latest business video at video.foxbusiness.com
    In case you missed it, TiVo launched new products last night, the TiVo Premiere. The big news isn’t the hardware, it’s the software that’s dramatically different than the previous versions and the CEO went on to Fox Business to explain it to the talking heads. Oh and he said this, “Hulu would be great. As soon as… Read More

  • How TiVo missed the mark with the new Premiere

    Excuse me while I let off a little steam. I was a tad hasty in my proclamation yesterday that the TiVo Premiere changes everything. It doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t change anything. It’s a big pile of disappointment and missed opportunity. Read More

  • TiVo Premiere hands-on~!

    Greetings! Nicholas and Jimin here live from the big TiVo Premiere launch in New York. There was a man guarding the device, which was hidden under a cloak, but when the cloak was lifted, oh dear! The gist: this is a TiVo you’re probably going to want. HD menus (build using Adobe Flash), searching that actually makes sense, a fancy remote control, and other goodness that you… Read More

  • Series 3 TiVo boxes will NOT get the Premiere software

    Sorry, TiVo owners. Your TiVo HD and HD XL boxes will not be getting the swanky new software TiVo announced today according to an official TiVo spokeswomen we just asked. It probably has something to do with the fact that the Premiere hardware is the same as the current generation and therefore current owners would have little reason to upgrade to the new models. This isn’t very… Read More

  • The TiVo Premiere is finally official

    Finally. We finally have new TiVo models. The TiVo HD XL launched a long year and half ago and the UI is even older. But that’s behind us now, the TiVo Premier is here and it’s (nearly) everything we need in a DVR. Everything is different: the hardware, the interface, even the remote. (QWERTY!) Read More

  • The AP leaks the first photo and confirms the TiVo Premiere name

    Well done, AP. Thanks for giving us the very first look at what TiVo has in store for us later tonight. Too bad you had to go plaster your watermark all over it. But from what we can gather, it seems like the interface got an HD makeover while maintain the classic TiVo look and feel. Plus the image description confirms the TiVo Premiere name that leaked back in December. ** HOLD FOR… Read More

  • TiVo schedules a March 2nd NYC event and we'll be there

    We’ve known that TiVo was cooking up something tasty for a bit now. It could be the Premiere that leaked a few weeks back or something entirely different. We really don’t know at this point. But what we do know is that we’ll be at TiVo’s March 2nd event to get a good look at TiVo’s latest creation. Read More

  • Where did the TiVo HD go? New model launching soon?

    Let’s say you want to buy a TiVo HD right now from TiVo.com. After all, it’s a great DVR with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and local networking streaming support. The only thing is you that can’t. It’s listed as out of stock. The only option available is the 1TB $499 TiVo HD XL. Does this hint that there’s a new TiVo model launching soon? Maybe the TiVo Premiere… Read More

  • TiVo Premiere leaked by manual mix-up?

    It’s about time that TiVo outs some new hardware and it looks like it might be sooner than later. The TiVo HD and HD XL have been sitting atop the companies mast unchanged for sometime now, while other DVRs like the Moxi keeps the updates rolling. But a little manual mix-up might show what TiVo is prepping to launch. The story goes that Patrick McCarron upgraded to a TiVo HD and… Read More