Where did the TiVo HD go? New model launching soon?

Let’s say you want to buy a TiVo HD right now from TiVo .com. After all, it’s a great DVR with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and local networking streaming support. The only thing is you that

Review: Moxi HD DVR

Think of the Moxi HD as a hot, new Hollywood actress. She might have the look and desire to be the next big thing, but she just doesn’t have the goods to hang with the real starlets. That’

Got a Moxi HD DVR, not that impressed so far

I finally received and installed a Moxi HD DVR after some shipping issues with Fedex . I have to say though, I’m not that impressed two days in. The company screams on the official website that

TiVo pulling plug on original Series3 hardware

When the TiVo HD box was announced, there was a pretty substantial price gap between it ($299) and the original Series3 box ($799) but the differences between the two didn’t seem enough to justi