• Desperately Seeking Developers: RIM Offers Appcelerator’s 390,000 Titanium Devs Incentives To Port Apps To BlackBerry 10

    Desperately Seeking Developers: RIM Offers Appcelerator’s 390,000 Titanium Devs Incentives To Port Apps To BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry 10 devices are still months away from being launched but RIM is ramping up the noise about its next gen platform. In its latest play, it’s hoping to woo app-building platform Appcelerator’s 390,000 Titanium cross-platform mobile app developers to port their apps to BlackBerry10 — offering a variety of incentives. Read More

  • Sprint To Finally Launch The Motorola Titanium On July 24th?

    Sprint To Finally Launch The Motorola Titanium On July 24th?

    Remember the Motorola Titanium? No? Don’t worry: it’s been over two months since Sprint announced it. That’s, like, a million years in the gadget world. We’ve finally got some idea when it’s coming, and how much it’ll cost you. Read More

  • Breguet's Sexy Vintage-Style Type XXI 3810 Watch In Titanium

    Among many other things I like about this Breguet watch are the applied hour indicators. These are most certainly ranked among the best hour markers I have ever seen. They are done in a brushed metal (likely titanium to match the case) and are applied to the dial. The finish on them is very smooth and they appear luxurious as well as being very clear to the eye. What exactly makes them look… Read More

  • Chanel J12 Chromatic Ceramic Titanium Watch

    There is a holy place that no one has quite yet reached. A place where metal is totally wear resistant. Where a material like steel would display the same metallic goodness we all love without ever looking scratched, worn, scuffed, or bent. This place is an alcove in the horological fountain of youth – the promised land where watches live forever. Joking aside, this is a serious issue. Read More

  • Appcelerator Releases New Preview Of Open Source Developer Platform Titanium, Adds Bells And Whistles

    This morning, Mountain View-based startup Appcelerator is taking the wraps off its second Preview Release for Titanium, an open-source developer platform meant to compete with Adobe AIR and the likes for building rich internet, mobile and desktop applications. Titanium PR2 comes with a number of new features that are worth taking a look at, like an extensible Module API and built-in support… Read More

  • Appcelerator Raises $4.1 Million for Open Source RIA Platform

    Mountain View-based startup Appcelerator has raised $4.1 million in a Series A round led by Storm Ventures. The money will go primarily towards the development of an open source competitor to Adobe AIR, which enables web developers to create applications that look and function more like desktop programs. The first version of Appcelerator’s RIA platform, dubbed Titanium, is being… Read More

  • SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus

    Remember the the SanDisk Cruzer Titanium, that sweet, if not dated, little flash drive that’s made from—wait for it—titanium? Well it’s back and now it’s colored gold and has a plus behind it’s name. While those two revisions are indeed massive, it also carries with it a significant update to SanDisk’s line of flash devices. The Titanium Plus… Read More

  • SureFire Titan Flashlight

    The SureFire Titan is an LED flashlight that packs a blinding wallop. This tiny device features a variable-output LED that allows you to select light inputs between one and 30 lumens. To top that off, it is housed within a fine looking titanium canister. At least I think it’s fine looking. Maybe I’m distracted. Available now for the low, low price of $500. Product Page [via Uncrate] Read More

  • TiFinity Titanium Toothbrush

    Something about scrubbing my teeth with metal scares me. It probably has something to do with the fear that titanium would grind the enamel right off of my teeth, I think that’s it. Anyway, there is no denying that this is the coolest looking toothbrush I’ve ever seen. Titanium is one of the sexiest metals. Due to its unique ability to retain shape, its used in a variety of… Read More