• Micro-Blogging Meets Micro-Payments, Courtesy Of Tipjoy's API

    Social micro-payments enabler Tipjoy is releasing an API today that allows charities but also companies and individuals to handle relatively small payments over Twitter. This opens up a lot of opportunities (and possibly also a can of worms) for applications that can benefit from small transactions, from e-commerce services selling content, subscriptions, etc. to charitable causes and… Read More

  • Tipit Lets You Transfer Money Over Twitter. Sort of.

    Tipit, a startup that lets users tip website owners for their content, has launched integration with Twitter. Users can now ‘Tweet’ their tips to websites and Twitter users, even those without an account. There isn’t any kind of installation required: users simply tweet a message in the format “d tipit TARGET AMOUNT MESSAGE” (ex: “‘d tipit… Read More