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Asus' revolutionary 10.2-inch screened netbook gets priced

Well, it’s revolutionary if you believe what we said before. That article may have been mockery, but it’s so hard to tell with Doug. At any rate, the nice-looking Asus N10 series is out th

MSI Wind "Love Edition" looks lovey, supports charity

MSI, most recently reviled by us for essentially pulling a bait-and-switch earlier this month, is perhaps hoping to regain some of the credibility it lost when it raised the price of its tiny notebook

MSI Wind: More info and photos

TweakTown has some more details about MSI’s upcoming Wind notebook, one of the latest in the line of Asus Eee competitors. So far, the specs look pretty good and the relatively large 10-inch scr

MSI to enter tiny laptop arena with the 'Wind'

Just to reiterate how I feel about June, 2008 one more time; it’s gonna be sweet. That’s the month that tiny Eee-like notebooks will be coming out of the woodwork from manufacturers the wo

ECS 'G10IL' is a pretty Eee with 3G wireless built in

Welcome to the tiny, inexpensive laptop game ECS. You’ve made an intriguing entry with your G10IL, although that name could use a little work. The keyboard looks pretty nice and the inclusion of