tiny laptops

OLO's iPhone-powered computer: a Redfly for Apple?

OLO is showing a mysterious device on its website that appears to be an iPhone-powered subnotebook. There are no details to speak of, but there are two options: 1. All the guts are in the iPhone. This

Netbooks to increase Linux's visibility, usability

Novell, the company that markets SUSE Linux, an enterprise-oriented commercial Linux distro, has a lot at stake in the coming netbook wars. After all, the little machines are overwhelmingly running va

What is the "ultimate" netbook?

Whether you call them ultraportables, subnotebooks, netbooks, or tiny laptops, you’re talking more or less about the same thing: small and light form factor, limited capacity and capability, and

Dell: "By the way, your Inspiron Mini secretly has 3G" (update: not)

People have found that their little Minispirons are sporting 3G capability that was unadvertised and is at the moment unsupported. I don’t know whether this is sketchy or cool. On the one hand,

Commodore jumps into the tiny laptop melee – hell yes

It seems that tucked away in the folds of IFA, there is a tiny laptop taking the ancient Commodore family name. Some enterprising Norwegians wrote it up, and included in the post what appears to be th

Redfly drops in price to $399, supports a bunch of new phones

I’ve got one of these sitting in my apartment right now, and we’ll have a review for you soon — but if you’re already convinced of the usefulness of these little smartphone sym

Eeexquisite, sub-1"-thick Eee S101 cradled by Asus CEO

The “exquisite,” “elite,” “extreme slim” Eee model, the S101 (as seen in the pyramid o’ Eee) has been caught in the wild. I think I’ll let the Google tr

Lenovo doing the netbook dance

Seeing as every other laptop maker worth its salt is making some kind of subcompact notebook or netbook or tiny laptop or what-have-you, Lenovo has decided to get in on it. Who’ll be providing t

Original flavor Eee PC for ¥100, no gaijin please

If you’re in Japan and don’t have the scrilla to lay out for an Eee (really though, is it that much?), head over to a Kojima store and pick yourself up one for ¥100, and get a free 3G USB

Qualcomm likes Windows Mobile 7 for tiny laptops

Qualcomm is betting that its Snapdragon chipset (see a hands-on we did at CTIA) will taste better with Windows Mobile 7, especially when it comes to tiny notebooks. The company is looking to make a mo

More details about the Atom-based Asus Eee 901

The impending Eee 901 has been spotted at the WiMax Expo in Taipei and is expected to be formally announced and launched tomorrow. We saw some early details a couple of weeks ago, but here’s som

Hands-on with MSI Wind, looks pretty stellar so far

CNET’s UK office got a special hands-on with the forthcoming MSI Wind notebook and they like it so much that they said it “could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini lapto

Michael Dell spotted carrying 'Dell Mini' notebook

Hot damn, boys and girls. Either that’s a hilariously large novelty pencil or we’ve got ourselves an Eee-sized Dell notebook to look forward to. To which to look forward. Which to whom we

ASUS announcing 10-inch Eee on June 3rd?

To quote the lovely and vivacious Susan Powter, “Stop the insanity!” Apparently ASUS is getting set to announce a 10-inch version of the super-popular Eee subnotebook on June 3rd at Comput

Dell decides that there's money in tiny, cheap laptops

Dell will join the likes of Asus, HP, Acer, and whichever other computer companies jump on the tiny laptop bandwagon between now and June to offer low cost, ultraportable notebooks to the masses. Dell

ECS 'G10IL' is a pretty Eee with 3G wireless built in

Welcome to the tiny, inexpensive laptop game ECS. You’ve made an intriguing entry with your G10IL, although that name could use a little work. The keyboard looks pretty nice and the inclusion of