• DEMO: Tinker Gets Some New Toys For Its Real-Time Content Platform

    Tinker, the product from Glam Media that aggregates real-time conversations on services like Twitter and FriendFeed, and allows publishers to embed them in widgets, has launched a new 1.0 release to the public. The company announced the new version at this week’s DEMO Fall conference. Tinker actually launched back in March, offering both a consumer facing site that serves as a central… Read More

  • Tinker Becomes A More Powerful Twitter Trends Discovery Engine

    Tinker, the recently launched microblogging topic tracker from Glam Media, will be rolling out several new features to upgrade its service. Tinker, which we covered in depth during its launch here, allows users to quickly browse through different real-time Twitter and Facebook searches relevant to various current events, trends and breaking news. Each event, trend or news item is associated… Read More

  • Tinker Goes Live And Offers Micro-Payments To Micro-Bloggers

    Micro-blogging is getting micro-payments. Tinker, the micro-blogging topic tracker from Glam Media which we covered in depth last night, is now live. The service tracks specific topics on both Twitter and Facebook, and allows these “event” streams to be republished as standalone widgets on blogs and other sites across the Web. I’ve embedded an example below showing… Read More

  • Tinker Gives Twitter Its Long Awaited Events Firehose

    Over a year ago Fred Wilson wrote about the need for a Twitter events firehose – a place where users could input a handful of keywords collectively referred to as an ‘event’, which could be used to monitor current news as it happens in near real-time. Tomorrow morning, he’ll get his wish when Glam Media launches a new service called Tinker to the public. As its… Read More