• Time to debut its own streaming service focused on celeb & pop culture

    Time to debut its own streaming service focused on celeb & pop culture

    There’s been an explosion of niche, over-the-top video streaming services in recent months, as consumers cut the cord with traditional pay TV in favor of videos they can watch at any time on any device. Today, yet another over-the-top service is making its debut – this one from Time, Inc. which is introducing the blandly titled “People/Entertainment Weekly Network.”… Read More

  • Fortune And Money Launch New Sites And Split Off From CNN Money

    Fortune And Money Launch New Sites And Split Off From CNN Money

    Two of Time Inc.’s business and finance publications, Fortune and Money, are getting new online homes today. You’re probably familiar with the magazines, and you’ve probably read some of their articles online. But when you did, they weren’t on a standalone Fortune or Money website — instead, they were posted to CNN Money, a joint venture between Time Inc. and CNN. Read More

  • Time.com Gets A Big Redesign, Along With New Ad Units

    Time.com Gets A Big Redesign, Along With New Ad Units

    The new Time.com is here. Well, it should be here for some of you, anyway. A spokesperson said that the first few users should see the new layout now, and it will continue rolling out tonight and tomorrow. Time has been talking about the relaunch for months now, matching the talk with new hires (it has has made 35 of them since April) and by bringing on design studio Big Human. Read More

  • Time.com Hires Design Studio Big Human For This Fall’s Big Relaunch

    Time.com Hires Design Studio Big Human For This Fall’s Big Relaunch

    Time is moving forward with its plans for a major redesign and relaunch of the Time.com website this fall, announcing today that it has hired design studio Big Human. It’s an interesting choice, because most of Big Human’s past experience has been on the tech and startup side — past clients include Jetsetter, 1stDibs, and Samsung. (Big Human’s founder Rus Yusupov was… Read More

  • Google Forms Finally Become Useful Thanks To Properly Formatted Date And Time Fields

    Google Forms Finally Become Useful Thanks To Properly Formatted Date And Time Fields

    Google Docs, now Drive, have always had an option to create forms that would drop data right into a spreadsheet. This is super handy until you tried to do something like…collect date and time information. For whatever reason, those structured fields were never an option with Forms, but the team has finally added both as an option today. The product has always been “there,”… Read More

  • Time Inc. To Lay Off About 500

    Time Inc. To Lay Off About 500

    Another publisher, Time Inc., is laying off 6% or about 500 employees in an effort to streamline operations at the 21-title publishing house. The lay-offs came after a thorough examination by Bain & Co and, according to a memo by CEO Laura Lang. Read More

  • Hermes Watch Suspends Time

    As Hermes fends off attacks from LVMH to retain its independence they also continue to push forward with their prowess as watch makers. For 2011 their horological focal point is the Arceau Le Temps Suspend” watch. That literally means “time suspended,” and that is exactly what it does. Read More

  • Manufacture Royale Opera Time-Piece Watch

    Beat me with a stick! I just had to plod through Manufacture Royale’s nine page long bloody press release – only to have reasserted what they mention in the first few lines; that they are “unashamedly elitist.” Wipe my brow and hand me an ol’ timey hallucinogenic absinthe, because I need to lay back in a hammock on a steamship and read some Jules Verne to… Read More

  • Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watch

    Citizen’s featured mainstream new watch collection for 2010 is this Eco-Drive World Time Perpetual AT line of timepieces. Based on a newly developed movement, the collection comes in a large range of styles, in various price brackets. From sporty to sleek, there is a World Perpetual AT watch for everyone. They are based on the new H144 Eco-Drive quartz movement that has a lot more… Read More

  • Time gives the iPad a second go

    Steve Jobs gave us a little sneak peak at Time’s upcoming iPad app during the iPhone 4 keynote. Here’s a full video demo. It’s the future — and very ambitious one at that. Time definitely improved on the current iPad app. Too bad it’s still $5 an “issue.” Read More

  • Time is Money: a review of the Meeting Cost Calculator and Clock

    Many people lament about how unproductive the traditional “business meeting” is. One or more participants feel the need to assert their opinion at great length, or simply regurgitate the same information multiple times. Most of us sit passively through these time-wasting meetings because … well … I don’t know! But now you can have the facts on your side when you… Read More

  • Time for E-ink: Seiko announces the first active-matrix watch

    Here’s an interesting little tidbit; Seiko just announced that they are going to producing the world’s first active matrix e-ink timepiece. That’s right, a wristwatch that uses e-reader technology to display the time. Could we be looking at the next LCD display technology? Read More

  • The first perpetual mechanical timepiece: Cabestan Sol Invictus

    Even discounting the fact that this is a watch, this is just an amazing little piece of machinery. The Sol Invictus puts a modern spin on the perpetual motion machine, using micro-motors, solar cells, and a chain system to create an incredibly complicated (and incredibly cool looking) timepiece. The is the first watch to combine a chain & fusée with drums and vertical tourbillon in a… Read More

  • Aspiral Clock makes telling time a ball

    Most concept clocks are high on art, and low on functionality. That’s not the case with the Aspiral Clock, designed by Will Aspinall and Neil Lambath. Instead of using the standard hands, this clock uses a small ball to tell the time. Read More

  • Time Inc. wants a Kindle-alike

    Is this what Peter Ha is working on? Owen Thomas wrote a piece about Time Inc. wanting a specialized e-reader a la the Kindle, thereby allowing them to eschew paper magazines entir Read More

  • Time's 100 Most Influential People Includes 4chan And Twitter Creators

    This list is in. Time has released its annual Time 100 list, honoring the most influential people in the world. There are a lot of interesting names including Sarah Palin and President Obama, but let’s focus on the names from the tech sphere. Moot (the creator of 4chan), Jeff Bezos, The Twitter Guys, Sam & Dan Houser, Jack Ma, Robin Chase, Nathaniel Silver, Nandan Nilekani, and… Read More

  • Know when it's time to wake up, analog style

    Finding it too easy to read your current alarm clock? Check out the new “Time Tuner” from ATREP04 design, based out of Constantinople Istanbul. Instead of using something like a numerical display, the Time Tuner uses a analog radio tuner, with a glowing light bar to indicate the hour and the minute. Despite the analog theme, the alarm clock will either wake you with an old… Read More

  • Moshi voice-controlled clock: good idea, could be better

    I know there have been things like this before, but this one actually looks like a really well-designed little device. The Moshi IVR alarm clock (caution, autoplaying music) is a good-looking little… you know, alarm clock, that has the benefit of voice controls that let you do everything from set the alarm to play a “sleep sound” — whatever that is. That’s a… Read More

  • Peek E-mail Device tops TIME’s Gadget of the Year poll

    The results are in for TIME Magazine’s Gadget of the Year poll and the Peek E-mail Device has been rated highest by TIME readers, taking the top spot. It beat out the iPod Touch, the Eye-Fi SD Card, the Flip Mino, and the T-Mobile G1. I reviewed the Peek in September and found it to work well but wondered if it’d be able to gain any traction in a world full of affordable smartphones. Read More

  • Thumbnail watch concept, would you buy one?

    That watch is weird – I’m Brian Fellow! The TX54 took runner up in the Timex 2154 Future of Time competition. It’s a concept piece billed as “a disposable timepiece that is worn on the user’s thumbnail. While its translucency makes it blend seamlessly with the hand, a selection of text color options and a glow feature that activates on command make it easy to… Read More