time travel

  • Video: Is This Woman A Time Traveler?

    Is this woman a time traveler? Never mind the fact that time travel is, indeed, possible, but this is just silly. It’s the latest Internet meme, and it shows a woman walking down the street, ostensibly as an extra in the Charlie Chaplin movie The Circus. But look closely? Is she, what, talking on a mobile phone? In the year 1928? Pretty sure mobiles didn’t exist back then. Read More

  • Our tech stinks: We're nowhere near being able to time travel, says famous physicist

    Dr. Michio Kaku—yes, he has a MySpace—world-renowned physicist and, as Peter put it, a “smart mofo,” was on the Opie & Anthony Show yesterday (you can grab it off Audible.com here) discussing all sorts of things that made me feel like to total idiot. Whether or not there’s life on other planets (Kaku says yes. As to why we haven’t been visited by other… Read More