Time To Know

  • Too Cool for School: What the Valley Is Missing in Online Education

    I always tell entrepreneurs outside of the Valley—whether they are in the middle of my country or a developing one—if they want to build the next great social media darling aimed at a Western audience, they’re probably better off moving to the Valley. It’s not that you can’t do it elsewhere: The right entrepreneur at the right time with the right opportunity… Read More

  • Israel's Time To Know Aims To Revolutionize The Classroom

    This is the story of Time To Know, an enigmatic Israeli startup that has somehow managed to remain under the radar of Israel’s tightly knit startup scene. What makes this feat wondrous is not only because of the daunting challenge the company has chosen to meet, but that it has quietly ramped to 350 employees and no less than $60M in funding—all without attracting attention. Time… Read More