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  • Keen On…. Kurt Andersen: Why 2011 Has Only Just Begun (TCTV)

    Keen On…. Kurt Andersen: Why 2011 Has Only Just Begun (TCTV)

    While 2011 is almost over, the year has only really just begun in terms of determining its historical significance. 2011 wasn’t, of course, just another year. Like 1989, 1968, 1917 and 1848, 2011 was a revolutionary year, one that – from Cairo to Athens to Tunis to Wall Street to Moscow – may have changed the world forever. And to mark the historic nature of 2011, Time… Read More

  • Video: Time Magazine explains how 4Chan's moot came to dominate the Time 100 list

    Time Magazine discovered last year the raw power of 4Chan. The site’s users took it upon themselves to bring founder moot to the top of the Time 100 list. One year later, Time has published a video explaining exactly what happened. Marblecake also the game. Read More

  • Time Makes A List Of Tech Failures, Microsoft Makes It Twice

    Time Magazine recently published a list (completed by 24/7 Wall St.) of the “Top Ten Biggest Tech Failures Of The Past Decade.” Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Zune, Gateway, YouTube and the Segway all made the list. Time said that 24/7 Wall St. evaluated both start-ups and products that were “widely recognized,” had international availability and were available to anyone. Read More

  • 4Chan Takes Over The Time 100

    Look closely at Time magazine’s online voting results so far for the Time 100 and you will see at the top someone called moot (aka 21-year-old Christopher Poole), the founder of 4chan, the notorious online bulletin board where hackers like to hang out. Not only did moot’s followers manage to get his name to the top of the Time 100 reader’s list, they also manipulated the next… Read More

  • Our little Mikey is all growed up and on the cover of Time

    Time named its top 100 influential people and guess who made it in the list? Our own Mr. Michael Arrington, former attorney and guy who everyone generally thinks is cool… generally. I’m actually quite proud to be working for the man today. Congratulations, Mike, from all of us. Can you spot him? Read More