time capsule

  • Apple Stuffs A 3TB Hard Drive Into The Time Capsule And Prices It At $499

    Just as the FCC tipped, Apple has a new Time Capsule and it’s rocking a ton of storage. Inside the familiar case is a server-grade 3TB hard drive of unannounced pedigree, which is 1TB more than the outgoing version. But that’s about all that’s changed. The unit still features 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB host for printer and hard drive sharing. It encrypts 802.11… Read More

  • New Airports Extreme And Time Capsules Coming According To The FCC

    If you’ve been staying up all day and all night in hopes of picking up a brand new 3TB Apple TIme Capsule before the world ends next October, you’re in luck. According to FCC filings, we can expect to see the following new SKUs hit the Apple store sooner than later: MD031LL/A – AIRPORT EXTREME 802.11N (5TH GEN)- USA MD032LL/A – TIME CAPSULE 2TB (4TH GENERATION)… Read More

  • Mention Of 5th Gen Airports Extreme And Time Capsules Appear In Sofware Update

    A few lines in a recent Airport software update point to new 5th generation Apple Time Capsule and Airport Extreme models that could include a software update caching feature that will grab updates for all of your hardware on the network and then serve them up to various computers on the network. It’s a wildly boring feature, to be sure, but it will speed up software updates and… Read More

  • Apple details replacement plans for faulty 2008 Time Capsules

    This is quick: If you have a Apple Time Capsule (2008 model) with serial numbers within XX807XXXXXX to XX814XXXXXX, Apple will replace it. Apple will even reimburse you if did some DIY repairs on the buggy model. Great! Now how about doing the same thing for iPhone 4’s death grip problem. [Apple Support via TUAW] Read More

  • Apple's Time Capsules croak after 18 months?

    Ideally, your backup storage solution, whatever it is, should be the most reliable part of your system. After all, who wants to back up a backup? I’ve never had a drive fail on me, but that hasn’t stopped me from having multiple copies of my music, photos, and miscellaneous junk spread over several external drives. Apple saves you the trouble with Time Machine and Time Capsule… Read More

  • Apple updates the Time Capsule, 2TB for $500

    Hey hey, look at that. Apple finally updated the Time Capsule by doubling the storage capacity of the $500 model to 2TB and dropping 1TB model down to $300. Everything else is the same, but it’s about time that Apple gets with the program here. In case you haven’t noticed, hard drives are cheap now and $500 for only a single terabyte was a little ridiculous – even for Apple. Read More

  • New Time Capsule runs 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi simultaneously

    The new 1TB or 500GB Time Capsule runs dual Wi-Fi, streaming at 802.11n and 802.11g speeds. The Capsule will pick the right band automatically, allowing for more efficient back-ups – a huge issue when transferring large files. Read More

  • Time Capsule upgrade kit increases wireless range by 50 percent

    [photopress:quickertektc.jpg,full,center] For $130 you can extend the wireless range of your Apple Time Capsule by up to 50 percent. QuickerTek, which specializes in aftermarket Wi-Fi devices, has just released an upgrade kit with three 3dBi antennae that supposedly increases the signal strength of Time Capsule “like whoa.” Conveniently enough, the upgrade kit works with any… Read More

  • Apple Time Capsule not so server grade after all, some would even say poop grade!

    Server grade my rosy red butt! Well, well, well, Mr. Apple. Lie much? Apple’s Time Capsule doesn’t have a “server grade” hard drive in it — as they claim on their website. Instead they use a hard drive that I would keep pictures of a dead squirrel on, the 1 TB Hitachi Deskstar HDS721010KLA330. That’s right, people: the HDS721010KLA330. That’s like… Read More

  • Why Apple's Time Capsule is good but Time Machine is still weak

    I’ve never liked the idea of Time Machine – I back up the things that are important to me on my own schedule, and I know where it all is and how it works. Time Machine strikes me as a black box that utilizes my CPU and hard drive in a mysterious and inefficient way. Furthermore, laptops are basically left out of the party. Time Capsule is a great solution and while I still… Read More