Crunch Report | DeviantArt Acquired by Wix

DeviantArt gets acquired by Wix, AirMap raises $26 million, Airbnb buys Tilt, Google releases perspective for comment toxicity rating and more. All this on Crunch Report.

Airbnb finalizes deal to buy social payments startup Tilt

Airbnb has finalized its deal to buy social payments startup Tilt, TechCrunch has confirmed. We reported on the acquisition talks last month, but now everything has been made official. We are told t

Airbnb is in talks to acquire social payments startup Tilt

We’d been hearing murmurs for a while that Tilt was up for grabs and was talking to a few folks in recent weeks, and in early January we caught wind that the company may be acquired by Airbnb. I

Innovation under the hood will rev the engines of a fintech revolution

New consumer-facing financial applications are being built on top of old banking infrastructure, while other startups are going around financial infrastructure altogether. Together, they are unbundlin

Tilt dives into one-to-one payments

Here’s a sentence you might not have expected to read: a service built around crowdfunding is building in a one-to-one payments option in what might be one of the most increasingly crowded space

Tilt Raised Around $30M At A $400M Valuation In Its Most Recent Funding Round

TechCrunch is hearing from multiple sources that Tilt has raised around $30 million in its most-recent funding round as it pushes to expand internationally. “We weren’t in fundraising mode —

Tilt’s Global Ambitions Grow As It Reaches A $400M Valuation

This year — like many rapidly growing startups — is a year of major international expansion for Tilt, a startup centered around funding projects that is well on its way to being worth $400 milli

Tilt My Blinds Lets You Retrofit Your Existing Blinds To Make Them Smarter

Tilt My Blinds, which is currently on track to be successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter, offers a clever way to get in on the home automation action by letting you control your blinds’ &#8217

Kickstarter: TILT, The Cooling Pad That Matches Your MacBook Pro

Anyone who has ever used a MacBook Pro can tell you that they can get awfully toasty after a little while. Countless laptop cooling solutions have hit store shelves over the years, but I don't think I

Chief produces "World's Thinnest" tilting mount for the thin HDTVs of the world

What’s the point of owning one of the ultra-thin TVs if it’s hung with a standard wall mount that’s two inches deep? None. There has been thin mounting solutions before but Chief has

WinMo 6.1 upgrade for Tilt now available

HTC and AT&T have finally released the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the Tilt today. You can grab it here. Here’s what you get from the ROM update. * Windows Mobile 6.1 * HTC Home Screen *

CrunchDeals: AT&T Tilt for free with contract

LetsTalk.com has a good deal on the AT&T Tilt — free! You’ll need to lock yourself into a two-year contract but if you do, you’ll save $324.99. There aren’t any mail-in reb

AT&T Tilt getting ROM update today? [Update]

Not sure how reliable this is, but it’s rumored that AT&T will be releasing a ROM update today for the HTC Tilt. I liked the Tilt when I had one despite it running Windows Mobile. Below are

Smartphones Now: First-time buyer's guide, 2007

If you’re thinking we’ve been on smartphone overload this week, you’re right. We’ve been rounding up all of the best and worst in the smartphone world and giving you the goods

Windows Mobile: How I loathe thee [Update]

Yes, it’s no secret that I dislike Windows Mobile, but I have before me two WinMo devices from HTC; the Touch from Sprint and the Tilt from AT&T. I’m excited at the prospect of tinkeri

AT&T Tilt is apparently all-business

Today is the day AT&T launches the much-hyped Tilt. The smartphone is better than most Windows Mobile devices simply because it has everything built-in that one could possible want (short of a hea

Hands-on with the AT&T Tilt

We like HTC. We like what they do with the cellphone carriers in the USA. We like that they make high-end handsets that the vendors can label themselves, thereby adding some parity in the phone market

AT&T Tilt ROM Screenshots, Same Ole WinMo 6

We broke the news on the Tilt’s launch date and pricing the other week and now a few (over 60) screenshots of the finalized ROM have made their way around the Web. If WinMo 6 is your thing then get

Breaking: AT&T Tilt Price And Launch Date Leaked

You heard it here first, folks. We have it from an inside source that the AT&T Tilt (aka 8925 aka Kaiser) hits stores September 3rd for $499 with 2-year plan. No word on 1-year pricing, but this f

HTC Kaiser = AT&T Tilt; Coming Soon

The Kaiser is coming, and maybe sooner than we thought. An avid CrunchGear reader and commenter was in his local AT&T store and asked about the AT&T 8925 smartphone. The phone monkeys said tha