Instagram now allows anyone to download public Reels

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said Wednesday that the app now allows all users across the world to download public Reels to their devices. Prior to this rollout, you could only save Reels to the Instagr

TikTok disputes claims of anti-Israel bias amid calls to ban the app

TikTok is pushing back against claims of bias in the Israel-Hamas war, after American politicians resumed efforts to ban the app over the apparent popularity of pro-Palestinian content. In a recent op

TikTok’s newest feature lets you save favorite songs directly to Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

TikTok is teaming up with streaming music services, including Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music on a new feature that will allow users to save directly to their preferred streaming music app the s

Nepal joins a growing list of countries banning TikTok

Another country is banning TikTok, the ByteDance-owned short video behemoth with over one billion active users around the world. Nepal, which has a population of close to 30 million people, has banned

The watermelon emoji isn’t just TikTok speak for Palestine

On Instagram, infographics about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza are punctuated with the watermelon emoji. In captions of TikTok videos calling for a ceasefire, the emoji replaces words like “Palest

TikTokers are sharing Palestinian family recipes to raise money for aid

“This is Palestinian falafel, and this is my Palestinian grandmother,” TikTok creator Vegan Bodegacat says in a voiceover as her grandmother blends soaked chickpeas with fresh parsley, the

EU asks TikTok and YouTube for more info on how they’re safeguarding kids

The European Commission has sent another couple of formal requests for information to major platforms subject to the bloc’s rebooted online governance and content moderation rulebook, the Digital Se

Creators have mixed feelings about TikTok’s new monetization program

TikTok is revamping its system for paying creators. With its new Creativity Program, which incentivizes users to make videos longer than one minute, the platform estimates that creators can make more

TikTok is shutting down its Creator Fund in favor of its newer Creativity Program

TikTok has announced that it’s shutting down its original $1 billion Creator Fund and shifting the focus to its newer Creativity Program. Starting December 16, the Creator Fund will be discontin

Lemon8, the Instagram rival from TikTok parent ByteDance, fails to gain traction in US

TikTok owner ByteDance’s efforts to make its Pinterest-slash-Instagram competitor Lemon8 take off in the U.S. haven’t yet panned out. Since launching in the U.S. earlier this year, the Lem

DistroKid users can now upload their songs to TikTok Music and CapCut

Thanks to a new agreement between TikTok and music distribution service DistroKid, millions of independent artists will now be able to promote their music on TikTok Music, the recently launched subscr

TikTok partners with Tickets.com to sell tickets for its first live music event

A few months ago, TikTok launched its subscription-only music streaming service to compete with major players Spotify, Apple and Amazon. Now, the company appears to be throwing its hat in the ticketin

TikTok is testing 15-minute uploads with select users

TikTok is testing the ability for users to upload 15-minute videos, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Monday. The social media giant said the new upload limit is being tested in select regions wi

TikTok ads expand to the real world with new ‘Out of Phone’ program

A few months after TikTok teamed up with Redbox to feature content on more than 3,000 kiosks, the short-form video app is partnering with more companies to expand its advertising opportunities for bra

ByteDance’s video editor CapCut targets businesses with AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters

CapCut, the ByteDance-owned video editing app that’s the company’s second to hit $100 million in consumer spending after TikTok, is now expanding into business tools. Known today for its e

TikTok scores sizable Disney deal including a content hub and publisher partnership

TikTok has landed Disney as its latest big-name publishing partner for its premium ad product, Pulse Premiere, announced earlier this year. The company will join other large publishers, including NBCU

TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards fund now has lower eligibility requirements, an updated payout model and more

TikTok is updating its Effect Creator Rewards program with lower eligibility requirements, a revamped payout model, reduced payout increments and a lower threshold to start collecting rewards. The $6

TikTok now supports direct posting from AI-powered Adobe apps, CapCut, Twitch and more

TikTok today is introducing a new feature that will allow its users to post directly to the video platform from a range of popular editing apps, including Adobe’s AI-powered video editing softwa

‘TikTok whisperer’ Annie Wu Henry on social media and 2024

Connecting with the youth is a craft that has long eluded the Olds — a demographic that’s less defined by age than it is by social media habits. Politicians, historically, have not prioritized you

How an AI deepfake ad of MrBeast ended up on TikTok

AI deepfakes are getting so good that a fraudulent MrBeast ad slipped past TikTok’s ad moderation technology to end up on the platform. In the ad, the massively influential creator appeared to b
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