• Dude Gets Thumb Surgery For iPhone, Totally Fake

    When I first read about Thomas Martel, I thought he was the biggest moron on the place of the planet and many of you agreed. Maybe he was doing it for the publicity or maybe he really needed to have this thumbs shaved down, who knows. I really wanted to kick this guy’s ass, though. What’s the point? The screens are crapping out and you wouldn’t be able to text on it anyways. Read More

  • Dude Gets Thumb Surgery For iPhone

    This is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Some dude named Thomas Martel got thumb surgery so that it’d be easier for him to use his iPhone. Now although Tom could argue that he’s a tall guy and therefore needed the surgery, it’s still not worth slicing skin for the sake of using a phone. The procedure was done by making a small incision into both thumbs… Read More