• Congressman Barrett: It was my son's porno. No, really!

    Yesterday we brought you news of State Representative Matt Barrett from Columbus, Ohio, whom was giving a Powerpoint presentation to a group of high schoolers when porno popped up on the projector. Oops. Turns out the Congressman’s son had borrowed the flashdrive and was responsible. So I ask you, CrunchGear readers, is this the truth? Or political BS? I personally think it’s true. Read More

  • The old "I don't know where this porno came from" defense alive and well

    Here’s a tip: If you’re a State Representative about to lecture high school kids on, well, anything, and you’re planning on using a Powerpoint deck on your thumb drive, it’s probably a good idea to delete all the porn off of it, as some computers will automatically play back images as a slideshow. Just so you know. Also, denying the porn is yours isn’t a very… Read More

  • Flash Point ShareDrives: For Sharing Mobile Data, We Think

    Ever had a file on your USB thumbdrive you’re itching to copy to your friend’s thumbdrive, only to notice there’s no PC present to administer the transfer? Us either, but the people at Flash Point seem to think it’s a problem worth addressing. Flash Point has launched a combo MP3/thumbdrive/file copy device it’s dubbed a Share Drive. The pocket-sized contraption… Read More