Thumb Drive

  • Buffalo introduces a super-slim 16GB thumb drive

    Thin is in! The RUF2-KL, introduced in Japan, would be your run-of-the-mill 16GB thumb drive, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s only 8mm thick. (0.315 inches) The lilliputian thumb drive is expected to sell for about 5980 Yen ($70). Since Buffalo claims they’re not selling flash memory here, it’s unclear if it will hit state-side. Read More

  • New MIMOBOT drives

      I always like MIMOBOT usb drives since they’re kinda like vinyl figurines, but are actually functional. These new ones are no different. Choose from a new selection including the Pirate Nero, Fairybit and Pastaio. Make sure to check out the great deals on the site too. My personal favorite, the Boba Fett (which features a helmet cap which when removed reveals Boba’s face) is on… Read More

  • USB floppy thumb drive

    Concept of a USB thumb drive shaped like a floppy disc. Smile. It’s nostalgic. Nosfut via likecool via OhGizmo Read More

  • Crunch Network

    DIY: Wooden USB flash drive

    With a lot of sanding and basic woodworking skills, you can turn your plastic thumb drive into a classy wooden drive. Let me show you how. Read More

  • Lexar bumps capacity of JumpDrive Secure II Plus up to 16GB

    Last week, Lexar updated the tiny Firefly flash drive to 16GB and today the outfit announced the Secure II Plus line availability too. This model forgoes the diminutive size in favor of a 256-bit AES encryption and an external capacity meter. Either way you go, tiny size or government-level security, the two 16 GB options sport the same MSRP: $99.  via PR Read More

  • We dare you to call this USB drive ‘fashionable’

    The nerve of some people, trying to convince us that a USB drive is “stylish” and/or “fashionable.” Why not sell designer can opener while we’re at it? Look, it’s the same drive you’ve stored your files on since 2004, only this one is gold-colored and comes in sizes from 1 to 8GB. When we see this $15 to $55 drive on a catwalk in Milan or Paris… Read More

  • Kanguru Bio Slider II USB Drive Reads Your Fingerprints So You Don't Have To

    The Kanguru Bio Slider II USB drive has a finger/thumbprint reader on its shell to keep your data safe. Nothing really too new about it, though; it just sounds like the company made it a bit easier to set up and used a more up-to-date 500-DPI sensor for an “extremely low false acceptance rate.” I’d rather have no false positives, but I guess I’m being too picky. Read More

  • Keane to Release Next Single on Thumb Drive

    By now, CDs are a passe way to buy music. Soooo 2001, really. And iTunes, or BitTorrent? Please. If you really want to get your music the modern way, apparently you buy it on TD (thumb drive). And that is how Keane is releasing their next single. Okay, really we’re not sure whether this is stupid or inspired, but at $7.45 US, including multimedia features and bonuses such as… Read More

  • 64GB Thumb Drive for $5,740

    <img src=" writes, and has more room than just about any flash drive we've seen. Of course, it does cost $5,740, and only the masochistic or the very rich would buy one of these instead of a portable hard drive that costs less than 10% of this baby. But then again, maybe you've got some special reason – like… Read More