• Throttle combines all your annoying emails into one daily digest

    Throttle combines all your annoying emails into one daily digest

    What’s the only thing worse than a full inbox? An inbox full of spammy newsletter emails you don’t really want to read. Throttle is a plugin that solves this problem by generating a unique email address for each purchase you make or newsletter you sign up for online. Then, all email sent to these addresses are collected and sent to you in one daily digest email. Throttle also… Read More

  • AT&T fixes throttle problem on 3G network

    AT&T found a defect in their Alcatel-Lucent equipment about a month ago that, under certain conditions, throttles upload speeds to 100kbps. This of course is not a good thing, so they’ve been working on the problem and identified a software defect that was causing the problem. Good news is, the patch has been released and is currently being pushed out to everyone using the… Read More

  • OCZ adds eSATA in Throttle flash drives for quicker pr0n transfers

    USB 2.0 was great a few years ago when flash drives were measured in megabytes but now that they are reaching double-digit gigabytes, the interface can be a tad slow. OCZ understands that and hooked its latest flash drive up with eSATA for the main interface. Thanks to eSATA, the Throttle can read at 90MB per second and write at 30MB. That speed is fast enough to playback HD material, according… Read More