After struggling with real-time trends, Threads tests a ‘recent’ filter for search results

Meta-owned social network Threads is finally testing a "Recent" filter to sort search results.

Meta to close Threads in Turkey to comply with injunction prohibiting data sharing with Instagram

Meta will "temporarily" shutter Threads in Turkey on April 29, in response to an injunction imposed by the country's competition authority.

Meta’s X competitor Threads invites developers to sign up for API access, publishes docs

After opening its developer API to select companies for testing in March, Meta’s Twitter/X competitor Threads is now introducing developer documentation and a sign-up sheet for interested partie

Meta explains why the NYC/NJ earthquake didn’t trend earlier in the day

Despite its similarities, Instagram Threads is no X. That's not to say people weren't discussing the earthquake on Threads — many were.

@Potus just joined the fediverse via Instagram Threads

The fediverse — the name for the social network made of interconnected servers, like Mastodon and others — got another boost of legitimacy Tuesday as the @Potus (President of the United St

TechCrunch Minute: You’re likely seeing less news and politics on Instagram. Here’s why

As the election cycle heats up, Instagram and Threads will be cooling down the amount of political content entering many users’ feeds. These changes, which limit the reach of political content f

How to turn off Instagram’s political content filter

It’s election season in the U.S., and Instagram has changed the way that it recommends political content. On both Instagram and the newer X competitor Threads, this change won’t impact wha

Threads is adding live scores for sports games, starting with the NBA

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is adding live scores for sports games. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday that Threads has started testing live scores for NBA games, and that

Threads opens beta to let users connect their accounts to the fediverse

Threads has officially entered the fediverse. Meta announced on Thursday that its beta experience of sharing Threads accounts to the fediverse is now open to users ages 18 and up with public profiles.

Threads is rolling out trending topics to all users in the US

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is rolling out its “trending now” feature widely to all users in the U.S. The official rollout comes a month after the app started testing the

Despite distancing itself from politics, the topic is dominating Threads’ trends

Meta’s newest app Threads, a would-be Twitter/X rival, may not want politics on its platform, but it’s coming to the app anyway — or so Threads’ search trends indicate. The app

Threads now lets all users save drafts and take photos within the app

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is rolling out the ability for users to save a draft and take photos within the app. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the features today, noting they

Facebook, Instagram and Threads were all down in massive Meta outage on Super Tuesday

Reports are coming in that a number of Meta’s top social apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, are all experiencing an outage on Tuesday morning. When loading the apps or websites, u

Threads says it will make its API broadly available by June

Meta-owned social network Threads said today that it will make its API broadly available to developers by June. Engineer Jesse Chen posted that the company has been building the API for the past few m

Threads widens the gap with X, with triple the daily downloads on iOS

Although an app’s downloads aren’t an exact proxy for usage, they can hint at where the market is headed. And in the case of the alt-Twitter wars, the app winning the game right now is Ins

Threads adds a bookmarking feature for saving favorite posts

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is shaping up to look more like its competitor X with the recent launches of trending topics, an in-app camera, drafts, and as of today, a bookmarking fea

Threads starts testing in-app camera shortcut and drafts

Meta said Thursday that it has started to test two “most requested” features: drafts and in-app camera. Instagram head Adam Mosseri said that both features are available to only a small nu

Meta’s Oversight Board extends its scope to Threads

Meta’s external advisory group, its Oversight Board, announced today that it is expanding its scope to Threads along with Facebook and Instagram to scrutinize Meta’s content moderation dec

Meta tests cross-posting from Facebook to its Twitter/X competitor, Threads

Threads may be about to get another big boost from parent company Meta…at least in terms of sources of new content. The company has been spotted testing a cross-posting feature that would allow

Yes, Threads is running a fact-checking program, but the system isn’t fully rolled out

Threads, Meta’s Twitter-like service and competitor to X, may be distancing itself from politics, but that doesn’t mean it won’t try to tackle the misinformation that spreads across
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