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BlackBerry Takes $1B Investment From Fairfax, Others, Replaces CEO Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry is replacing its CEO and some of its board of directors, according to official PR this morning. The push to replace CEO Thorsten Heins comes as BlackBerry's purchase deal with investor Fair

RIM CEO Says Licensing BlackBerry 10 Is “Conceivable”. Also Not Ruling Out Selling Its Hardware Production Business

The CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins, has told a German newspaper he has not ruled out licensing BB10 to other device makers. Asked whether RIM might not go down the licensing route, as Microsoft has with W

This BlackBerry 10 Handset “Leak” Looks Awfully Staged

If you were wondering what the opposite of Apple secrecy is, look no further than RIM. In what was clearly a staged PR stunt disguised as a leak, CEO Thorsten Heins and Vice President Andrew Bocki

Thorsten Talks: RIM CEO Sounds Off On Licensing, Updating Devices, And The U.S. Market

Just because the first day of BlackBerry World is over doesn't mean we mobile geeks have run out of BlackBerry-related tidbits to pick apart. Oh, far from it -- in fact, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins too

New RIM CEO: “I Don’t Think There Is A Drastic Change Needed”

RIM's <a href="">new CEO Thorsten Heins</a> has only been at the reigns for an evening, but he did a very "Bla