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Twitter officially bans third-party clients after cutting off prominent devs

After cutting off prominent app makers like Tweetbot and Twitterific, Twitter today quietly updated its developer terms to ban third-party clients altogether. Spotted by Engadget, the “restricti

INNOVATE2016: Libertarian Presidential candidate says “We need to Uber everything”

Whatever one thinks of his ideology, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson may be the pro innovation candidate that Silicon Valley has been waiting for.

Where Have All The Third-Party iOS Mapping Apps Gone?

If I'm a company that makes a third-party mapping app for iOS, I am putting up billboards, tackling people in the streets, emailing every tech blog known to man and potentially stalking some of them t

Open Platform for PlayStation 3

We were browsing through the PlayStation 3 System Software User’s Guide when we stumbled upon a this page, which reads: PLAYSTATION┬«3 allows any desired third-party system software to be instal