ThinkGeek to close, replaced as a section of GameStop

Sad news for anyone who loves geeky goods and top-notch April Fools’ jokes:, the 20-year-old online retailer known for selling more geek-centric gadgets and peripherals than you co

ThinkGeek has NES Classics in stock — with a catch

If you want an NES Classic Edition (and you should) but don't want to pay hundreds on eBay (and you shouldn't), you're in luck. ThinkGeek has a few in stock that its parent company, GameStop, mysterio

GameStop Buys ThinkGeek

What do you do when your primary physical sales channel is drying up? You sell something that your audience loves, preferably online, and if that doesn’t work you buy someone that does. To that

Gift Guide: ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller

<a href="">ThinkGeek's iCade 8-Bitty</a> wireless gaming controller is pretty adorable, though limi

ThinkGeek’s USB Portal Sentry Turret Will Protect Your Desk, Cake

Chell is standing at the edge of an bottomless pit. She sighs deeply and stares longingly across the void to the immense energy shield. She hoped there is an exit over there. Exit is a funny term, she

Gift Guide Giveaway: Turkey Day Gift Cards From ThinkGeek

It's Thanksgiving for us here in the U.S. of Gorging On Turkey and we wanted to give thanks for you, our dear audience. It's your constant readership and semi-trollish comments that keep us waking up

Re-live 1993 With ThinkGeek’s New Super Famicom-Inspired Wii Controller

A Wiimote turned on its side makes for a perfectly serviceable controller when plowing through retro games from the Wii Shop Channel, and the Classic Controller isn't bad either, but I wouldn't call e

ThinkGeek’s 8-Bitty Gamepad Promises Fun Times And Blistered Thumbs

The folks at <a href="">ThinkGeek</a>, bless their souls, have a knack for taking off-the-wall ideas and turning them into real products. After their<a href="https://techcrunch

Siri Gets Scary With ThinkGeek’s IRIS 9000

It's been proven again and again that Siri has a peculiar sense of humor, but what if there was something more calculating, more sinister hiding beneath that jovial facade? Well, dock your iPhone 4S i

ThinkGeek Now Selling The FastMac U-Socket, The USB Wallplug

Most gadgets charge off USB nowadays so it only makes sense to have a wall outlet with a couple of outlets. ThinkGeek has you covered with the FastMac U-Socket USB Wallplug.  The standard 110 volt

Review: ThinkGeek iCADE iPad Arcade Game

<img src="">Few things will grab a middle-aged man's attention like an iPad full of old Atari games and a ball-end joystick. There i

ThinkGeek's USB Mushroom Lamp Provides Light, Not Super Abilities

Power up your desk with this USB Mushroom Lamp from ThinkGeek. It’s only $10 bucks, which is a small price to pay for the eternal satisfaction of a functional conversation piece. The light comes

ThinkGeek Now Selling The iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet For Reals

<img src="">Thinkgeek's i<a href="

Beware Of The ThinkGeek's Chocolate Zombie Bunny

<img src="">Those crazy kids over at ThinkGeek did it again. The April Fool's Chocolate Zombie Bunny became r

Electric Composters Don't Say "Holiday," Where To Buy Green Tech Gifts Online

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Reasonable people understand this by now: environmentalists aren't all tree hugging

Gozer the Gozerian, The Traveller Has Come

<img src="" alt="" title="stay-puft" width="300" height="300" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-174770" />And boy is he <em>delici

Could ThinkGeek's iCade become more than an April Fool's joke?

<img src="">Remember how the Tauntaun sleeping bag ThinkGeek made as an April Fool’s joke was later turned into an <a href="http://www.c

16-port USB hub is a little more tasteful than those other ones

<img src="" />When <a href="">10<

Out here in the fields: Baba O'Reilly using gear from ThinkGeek

<img src="">Out here in the fields I fight for <a HREF="">space meals</a> I get my back

Video Review: ThinkGeek Mimo Mini USB Monitor

The 7-inch 800×480 Mimo monitor is a portable USB-powered display that’s easy to set up and use and ought to fit neatly in most laptop bags. At $130, it’s not outrageously priced, eit
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