• Is ThinkFree ReThinking Its Business?

    Web-based productivity apps may be where software is going, but the budding market will also see its share of casualties. One early casualty could be ThinkFree, which looks to be in turmoil. The company’s Web-based versions of Office never really gained much traction—they trail well behind Google Docs, Zoho, and others. Founder and CEO TJ Kang is on the outs with Haansoft, the… Read More

  • Majority Of Americans On Google Docs: "What You Talkin Bout Willis?"

    A new survey by NPD has found that the 73% of Americans have never heard of Google Docs and other online office applications, but perhaps worst still only 0.5% of respondents have abandoned desktop office applications for an online alternative. 94% of Americans have never tried a web based productivity suite. To be fair though, the survey was of “600 PC users” so it (possibly)… Read More

  • 50 Invites To The ThinkFree Premium Beta Test

    ThinkFree Premium Edition, a desktop client that provides seemless Microsoft Office style functionality both offline and online launched in closed beta recently, and we have free invites for TechCrunch readers. The first 50 readers to email will obtain instructions and access to the beta trial of ThinkFree Premium. ThinkFree premium edition provides the same features… Read More

  • New Capabilities For Thinkfree Spreadsheets

    Online office suite ThinkFree will announce a new partnership with Team and Concepts Limited (TnC) Tuesday that integrates TnC’s EditGrid spreadsheet application with ThinkFree. The agreement allows ThinkFree to replace its current Quick Edit Calc with the more advanced EditGrid. The deal includes a revenue-sharing agreement between the two companies. The deal is said to deliver… Read More

  • ThinkFree to Add Flickr Style Community Features

    Online office suite ThinkFree joins the community sharing crowd Tuesday, with the launch of a number of new features. The new (beta) version of ThinkFree Docs will allow users to search, share, tag and publish Microsoft Office and ThinkFree documents in an online social community, much in the same way that Flickr allows photographers to publish and share photos. I’m told the thinking… Read More

  • ThinkFree Apps to Get Bigger and Better

    ThinkFree CEO TJ Kang will be giving a presentation later today at Ajax World, talking about Ajax applications and the future of ThinkFree’s online document, spreadsheet, and presentation quick editors. In April, ThinkFree will be releasing new version of their Ajax architecture that will more accurately and efficiently handle uploaded documents, particularly… Read More