• Image Tagging Platform ThingLink Grabs Another $2 Million

    Image Tagging Platform ThingLink Grabs Another $2 Million

    ThingLink, a platform that enables tagging things inside an image with links to music, video, notes and more, has closed on $2 million in additional funding, the company is announcing today. The new round was led by Helsinki-based VC firm Inventure Oy and saw participation from New York and San Francisco area angels, including Terrapin Bale, former Tumblr president John Maloney, Fremantle… Read More

  • ThingLink Acqu-hires Pixboom To Double Down On Fashion

    ThingLink Acqu-hires Pixboom To Double Down On Fashion

    ThingLink, which has a platform for tagging things inside images, has acquired Pixboom, an interactive image tagging service for the Swedish fashion industry. The terms of the deal were undisclosed but we understand it was an ‘acquhire’ in that ThingLink, in the main, wanted to bring the Pixboom team on board. Founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Jonas Sujkerbuik and Daniel Aspers… Read More

  • ThingLink Launches Labs, First Project: Printable NFC-Enabled Images

    ThingLink Launches Labs, First Project: Printable NFC-Enabled Images

    ThingLink, a startup that lets you add rich media tags to online images, is today announcing the launch of an internal incubator called ThingLink Labs which will be a dedicated environment to create and productize innovations in the field of image interaction. The Labs’ first project is Rich Media Notes, a printed version of ThingLink images, which will also include NFC tags. Read More

  • ThingLink takes the fight back to Stipple with rich media image tagging

    Stipple, which thinks it’s a bit original in allowing people to tag images with Twitter names, has some new competition on the block. ThingLink which also lets you tag any image, is now launching Rich Media Tags, allowing anyone to interact with an image tag which might be embedded music, video, words, pictures and tags for people. Publishers simply connect their site, blog or Flickr… Read More

  • Stipple Opens The Kimono To Reveal A Product Tagging Platform With Massive Potential

    Stipple Opens The Kimono To Reveal A Product Tagging Platform With Massive Potential

    When we first covered Stipple in September of last year, it seemed like a really cool idea: tag people in images no matter where they reside on the web — not just on Flickr or Facebook. It was quickly clear that investors like Kleiner Perkins, Mike Maples, and even Justin Timberlake agreed, as they poured $2 million into the company just three months post-launch. And now that Stipple… Read More

  • ThingLink joins forces with SoundCloud to let users add sounds to images

    ThingLink, which provides tools to let users embed links into images, has partnered with SoundCloud to add audio as an option. The idea is that those who work primarily in audio – musicians, bands, sound designers etc. – can now include images in their work, perhaps as part of a promotional campaign, flyer or as album art work. But also, given SoundCloud’s recent pivot to… Read More

  • Thinglink, the product tagging startup, raises $1m for its in-image ad network

    Thinglink, the product tagging startup founded by design blogger Ulla-Maaria Engeström (wife of Jaiku co-founder Jyri Engestrom, who is also an adviser), has raised $1 million in seed funding from Nordic investors Inventure and Lifeline Ventures. The new funds will be used to develop an in-image advertising network for brands, retailers and other product advertisers, says the… Read More

  • Social cataloging site Thinglink hires Nokia's Godfather of NFC

    [Finland] The ‘Internet of Things’ startup Thinglink has pulled off quite a coup, recruiting Nokia’s Janne Jalkanen as its new CTO. Jalkanen is an 8 year veteran of Nokia where he earned the unofficial title of the Godfather of NFC because of his leading role in developing the burgeoning wireless technology. He’s also been a long-term advocate of the Internet of Things… Read More