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Our New Parent, AOL, Confirms Our Scoop On Them Buying Thing Labs

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Brizzly Plays Feature Catch-Up, Adds Foursquare And "New" Retweet Support

<img src="" class="shot2" /> When I logged on to <a href="">Brizzly</a> this morning, a notification popped up announc

AOL Said To Be Dialing Up Brizzly-Maker Thing Labs For An Acquisition

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Automattic Buys Up Thing Labs' Plinky To Help Bloggers Overcome Writer's Block

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Brizzly's Been Busy — Buying Apps, Creating Guides, And Going On Picnics.

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Brizzly Is The Most Handsome Chrome Extension. If Only It Were A Little Faster…

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Brizzly Opens To All. And Snatches Someone From Facebook.

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With Brizzly In Good Health, Director Of TV's House And Others Invest In Thing Labs

<img src="" width="139" height="200" />Brizzly is on a roll right now. Just yesterday, it became <a href="

The Realtime Agenda For The Realtime CrunchUp

<img src="" width="167" height="200" /> Over the past few weeks, it's definitely been crunchtime as we've been putting together the

Let's Be Trends: Brizzly Launches A Twitter Trending Topic API

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Polaris Ventures Opens A Second "Frat House For Geeks," Dog Patch Labs Cambridge

<img src="" width="132" height="200" />In San Francisco, there's a nice big space right on the water whe

Thing Labs: We Had Plinky, Now We Have The Brain — And It Uses Twitter

<img src="" width="215" height="66" />Back in January, <a href="">Jason Shelle