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  • Our New Parent, AOL, Confirms Our Scoop On Them Buying Thing Labs

    Well, this is kind of awkward. A couple weeks ago, we reported that AOL was in the process of acquiring of Thing Labs, makers of Brizzly. Neither AOL or Thing Labs would comment at the time, but we had multiple good sources on the deal. Fast forward to today: AOL is finally confirming the deal — right after they just acquired us. So yes, like we said, AOL is acquiring Thing Labs. Only… Read More

  • Brizzly Plays Feature Catch-Up, Adds Foursquare And "New" Retweet Support

    When I logged on to Brizzly this morning, a notification popped up announcing some brand new features for the web-based social networking client. As you can read on Brizzly maker Thing Labs‘ blog, there are also some design changes accompanying the new features. Like rival Seesmic Web has done in the past, Brizzly has now added Foursquare support to the fray, which means you can now see… Read More

  • AOL Said To Be Dialing Up Brizzly-Maker Thing Labs For An Acquisition

    AOL Said To Be Dialing Up Brizzly-Maker Thing Labs For An Acquisition

    A couple months ago, a rumor was spreading around that Thing Labs (makers of the Twitter/Facebook app Brizzly) was being acquired by Foursquare. That wasn’t true, it was simply speculation based on some tweets. Here’s another rumor for you, but one that is very likely true based on what we’re hearing from multiple sources: AOL is buying Thing Labs. While Things Labs CEO… Read More

  • Automattic Buys Up Thing Labs' Plinky To Help Bloggers Overcome Writer's Block

    WordPress developer Automattic has acquired Plinky from Thing Labs, the creators of social media application Brizzly. Plinky essentially aims to inspire content creators. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Plinky’s technology prompts you with an intriguing question or challenge and (like a question, or a challenge) and you have to answer. Depending on the prompt, your answer… Read More

  • Brizzly's Been Busy — Buying Apps, Creating Guides, And Going On Picnics.

    Since it launched last July at our Realtime Stream CrunchUp, Brizzly has been one of the best web-based Twitter apps. It offers support for viewing pictures inline, shortened link expansion, multiple Twitter accounts, and even some Facebook support. But they’ve been quiet in recent months. Now we know why. The Brizzly team went into hibernation because they made a couple of acquisitions… Read More

  • Brizzly Is The Most Handsome Chrome Extension. If Only It Were A Little Faster…

    As we all know, today was Chrome Extension day. By now, you’ve likely tried out many of them and picked some that you like as well as those that you don’t. Easily one of my favorites so far is the Brizzly extension built by Thing Labs. It’s hands down the best-looking app out there right now, but it has some limitations. Brizzly is a web app that gives you access to your… Read More

  • Brizzly Opens To All. And Snatches Someone From Facebook.

    Brizzly was first unveiled in private beta at our first CrunchUp event in July, so it’s only appropriate that today, the day of our next CrunchUp, it’s being opened to the public. Now, to be clear, the product is still technically in beta, but that’s only so the team at Thing Labs can keep experimenting with new ways to make Brizzly even better. For those who have not had… Read More

  • With Brizzly In Good Health, Director Of TV's House And Others Invest In Thing Labs

    Brizzly is on a roll right now. Just yesterday, it became the first web-based Twitter client to implement Lists, and last week it rolled out Facebook support. Today brings good news for its parent company: More funding. At the end of this month, Thing Labs will close a $600,000 round which is basically an extension of its Series A from back in June of last year, co-founder Jason Shellen tells us. Read More

  • The Realtime Agenda For The Realtime CrunchUp

    Over the past few weeks, it’s definitely been crunchtime as we’ve been putting together the panels and demos for our Realtime CrunchUp on November 20 in San Francisco. Get your tickets here. After much back and forth, and with the help of our Realtime Board, we finally have an agenda we are very excited to present (see below). Speakers will include Twitter COO Dick Costolo… Read More

  • Let's Be Trends: Brizzly Launches A Twitter Trending Topic API

    One nice feature of the Twitter web app Brizzly is that it has an explanation for why each trending topic on Twitter is popular at any given moment. And because these explanations are user-editable, they’re always up to date. Now Brizzly wants to share that data with the launch of “Let’s Be Trends,” its trending topic API. The idea is to have other Twitter… Read More

  • Polaris Ventures Opens A Second "Frat House For Geeks," Dog Patch Labs Cambridge

    In San Francisco, there’s a nice big space right on the water where startups can go to enjoy a place to work, Dog Patch Labs. Polaris Venture Partners refers to it as their “frat house for geeks,” as it’s a place for entrepreneurs to come and work/hang out while enjoying free space, connectivity, coffee and food. Now Polaris is taking that idea east, closer to their… Read More

  • Thing Labs: We Had Plinky, Now We Have The Brain — And It Uses Twitter

    Back in January, Jason Shellen, a former Googler known for his work on Blogger and Google Reader, launched Plinky, a new approach to blogging that wanted to give users a way to be more engaged in the process. The service got off to a fast start, but talk about it has dwindled in recent months. So now Shellen is ready to start something new. Something that utilizes yes, Twitter. While Plinky… Read More